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Five incredible locations where Star Wars was filmed

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The Five incredible locations where Star Wars: The Force Awakens was filmed!

We, Our families , our neighbors and their dogs , ok the last one was a gimmick to grab your eyeballs. all have always loved to watch the spectacular Star Wars.

  The Star Wars Saga along with its characters are one of the most iconic names in the world. For nearly four decades, the Star Wars Saga has made crazy and loyal fans and earned countless accolades. When George Lucas made the Star Wars film he didn’t just make a Sci-Fi movie but a cult film series where the ‘The Force is with you!’ is like a mantra to all the fans.

Though "Star Wars" takes place in a galaxy far, far away Episode VII - The Force Awakens was filmed in some of the most interesting-looking places on earth. And Ireland, of course, is among them.
In this film the story begins about 30 years post the events of the 1983 film, Return of the Jedi. The Empire is reorganized and known as the First Order.
J.J. Abrams chairing as the director of Star Wars VII captains the film’s ship with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill as the cast from the original Star Wars trilogy.
Let’s check out the incredible real-world locations where the latest Star Wars was shot:

1.     ABU DHABI

Rub’ al Khali desert, Abu Dhabi
The logistics of physically getting the sets, props, costumes and crew out to Abu Dhabi were one of the biggest undertakings of the film.  Director of photography Dan Mindel adds, “Working on location in Abu Dhabi gave us wind, sky, sand and sun, and all of those ingredients go together to give us a real background and palette that the audience can feel and sense when they watch the movie. To encapsulate that, we opted for a widescreen format that our forefathers have used before us in such incredible ways. I’m trying to give the same sense of space and texture as David Lean and John Ford.”

The island of Skellig Michael sits around eight miles off the coast of County Kerry in western Ireland

In complete contrast to the desert of Abu Dhabi was Skellig Michael, one of two tiny Skellig Islands situated seven miles out to sea off the coast of County Kerry in Southern Ireland. The only access is by small boat and that is dependent on weather or by helicopter. It took many things for the crew to work on before start shooting in Skellig Michael. In order the island’s ecology and birdlife remains protected, 14 local boats and boatmen who would bring across the crew and all the equipment were hired instead of travelling by helicopters whereas any plant life dressing the filmmakers added was entirely artificial.


Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean

The picturesque woodland of Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England, is as rich in flora and fauna as Abu Dhabi is in sand. The ancient forest, dating back to pre-Roman times, was chosen as the perfect location for the lush woods surrounding Maz’s castle. The location team searched throughout the British Isles for the perfect location and eventually came back to Puzzlewood, which is a naturally formed limestone woodland with undulations and crevices that cannot be found anywhere else in the U.K.

4.     ICELAND

Snow-capped mountains of Iceland featured in the trailer for The Force Awakens

Supervising location manager Martin Joy and visual effects supervisor and splinter unit director Roger Guyett took a small team out by helicopter to actually shoot the incredible landscape. There was only one place that could represent the cold and icy planet that is home to the First Order: Iceland. As co-production designer Darren Gilford says: “Iceland was amazing. It was the perfect place for the Starkiller Base. It has great glacial formations and dark rock that pops out of heavy snow.”


D’Qar was filmed in Greenham Common which was once used for storing missiles

The set-dressing team utilized everything from rocket engines to washing machines to dress the set, and a large array of water tanks were covered in greebles. . A trip through the prop shop turned the vacuums into fantastic droids that can be seen on the exterior of the Resistance base. Greenham Common features enormous aircraft hangars and a series of bunkers that the art department carefully dressed.

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