Monday, February 13, 2017

Bloggers enjoy Berger-ride

Indian Bloggers

    Hiya Bloggers !
    Hi Team IndiBlogger !

' Do you want to go for a Berger-ride? '
' Sure IB.'
' Join us. '

On Saturday, 11th February, we the Mumbai bloggers joined #BergerXp and IndiBlogger at Taj Vivanta for a colorful fun-ride in the Bright Berger Paints world. 

Brilliant blogger from Chennai Shrinidhi Hande joined Mumbai-Berger ride with us. 

" Life in Berger World is PAINTastic. "
You can color your home, un-clutter it everywhere.

Imagination !  "Express Painting"  is your creation.

                                     Come on Bloggers, let's be Painters !

The very first #BergerXp & IndiBlogger meet was organized in Kolkata, followed by Bangalore and Mumbai was the third chosen  city for this vibrant Berger Paints /  "Express Painting" bloggers gathering. The Saturday Sun was shining bright when we met our bloggers buddies from Mumbai as well as Pune and Chennai. 

There was so much to catch up that, chitchatting continued even while registering, getting our badges, posing for selfies with Blogger-buddies, and finally the lunch. It was camaraderie at it's sweetest best , when I and Ridhhi shared the dessert dish. We did part company when it cooled down to two scoops, each of Chocolate ice-cream. 

The Berger-ride gained momentum with Musical chairs. Even the losers were gratified by selfies with Nihal. We waltzed , we walked like an Egyptian and the winners won trendy T-shirts. Anoop was declaring , actually showering the bloggers with many Amazon gift-vouchers for #BergerXp Tweets ,through out the Berger Paints meet. Almost all my friends  Pooja Bhatt , Riddhi , Anahita , Divyakshi, Clementia , Pooja Mahimkar, Jay Kumar Singh and Shrinidhi won prizes for their creative pic-tweets. These games exhilarated us for the Faster-Cleaner-Better 'Berger' Intro session ahead.

 Mr. Chandranath Banerjee ( Service Head - Berger Express Painting ) acquainted us with the Express Painting Process. He explained, how this unique process is the perfect and hassle-free to paint our homes. Let's count the Blessings of Berger Express Painting 

1. It uses automatic painting machines : Modern, high speed tools offer Faster-Cleaner-Better service.
2. Better Finish : Mechanized tools guarantees better surface preparation, better finish.
3. Trained Painters : Trained painters utilize their skill and expertise for perfect painting.
4. Use of authentic Berger products : Use of high-class products supplied by Berger authorized dealers, produces excellent looking walls year after year.
5. Post painting cleanup : after the completion of painting job, the cleanup and rearrangement is carried out by the painters.
6. Less wastage of materials : Use of mechanized tools ensure less wastage of materials, less spillage of paints and cost-saving. 

Our Blogger-teams donned face-masks, head-gears, hand-gloves and sandpapered a block of wood to smooth it. We were supposed to finish this surgical strike with utmost efficiency in a jiffy to win the prize. Have a look at this 'Charlie's Angels' Blogger team, consisting of three Rapunzels. Many of us were more interested in clicking selfies and safe-guarding our faces-traces than the actual job.

That's when Berger Express Painting comes into picture and paints our homes Picture-Perfect.

Now, just say good bye to the hassles of manual painting, so much waste of time, the dirty, messy, all enveloping dust, clumsy job of unskilled painters and welcome new age , high-tech Berger Express Painting

Berger Express Painting is the perfect & hassle-free way to paint our homes. It's Faster, Dust-free, Authentic, Easier, Cleaner and Better.

Next activity was the best of all ' Getting our hands dirty ', painting on a canvas with Berger. We were given Mumbai-related themes. We loved our 'Mumbai Meri Jaan' theme and conceptualized our painting based on 'Faster - Cleaner - Better ' aspects of Mumbai. Faster as in Mumbai local, metro & dabbawalas. Cleaner as in Marine drive , CST, Fort & Clean Hearts of Mumbaikars. Better as in Bollywood, BSE, BKC & Beaches.


                                             Life in Berger World is FUNtastic.
                                         Life with Berger Paints . is fluorescent.

Dear friends  here's  " Express Painting " for you, if you wish to get more 
  information on Berger and their express painting solution

Picture Credits : IndiBlogger , Berger Paints India.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

nice coverage of the event. Thanks for the special mention

Unknown said...

What a Riot of Colors and Fun we had Sujata ! Loved the Post :)


Thanks Shrinidhi. Your presence was a special Surprise ( Award-winning too ). See you soon in Mumbai.


Hey pooja , Riot of Berger-Colors & riot of Friendly-banter. Loved every minute of this. Congratulations for your Winner-Boomrang.

Pooja Mahimkar said...

It was a super fun event :D


Hey Pooja , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Really #BergerXp was Super Duper Fun.

Shilpa Gupte said...

Hi Sujata!
It was great meeting you in person at the Indiblogger Meet! I just visited your blog now and found what an amazing blogger/reviewer you are! It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance. And, the next time there's any blogger meet, I am sure going to have a good time catching up with you!


Hey Shilpa, It was a pleasant surprise meeting you, my Blogathon team-mate. Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Thanks a lot for hearty appreciation. Sure, we will enjoy much more , next time.

Cook with sweetannu said...

Loved your post. Thank for the mention.


You are most welcome Anahita to ' Spirit Of Mumbai '.

rupam sarma said...

Nice to read. Beautiful pics.


Thanks for your compliments , Rupam. The #BergerXp event was absolutely Picturesque with IndiBlogger buddies.