Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Choc de Mondelez

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My dear friends, now it's much more easy to modify your moods with Mondelez. .... How ?

Have a look and sneak a byte, bit by bit ... WOW ... It's Creamy, It's Crunchy , It's Munchy. It adds the punch, when paired with fruits & spices. Let me present the versatile Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo for you all.

Do you know the World's worst kept secret ? Well you do know. That's why I called it worst kept secret. Sso ... the whole world and it's galaxy hates Mondays. Almost all of us feel sleepy, dog-tired ... on monster Mondays. Worry no more. Just open the fridge and enjoy Big Byte of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo. Believe me you won't need any Twitty-Fruiti Monday motivation. 

Yeah ... that much mammoth Mood-booster new Silk-Oreo is! When you are facing massive sugar rush, instead of doubling your intake of Chocolates & Cookies, just reach out for Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo.

Mondelez India ( formerly Cadbury India ltd. Mondelez International Inc. is a global snacking powerhouse )  & chef Michael Swamy invited us, Mumbai's Lifesytle bloggers for a day of chocolatey indulgence, fruity flavors and spicy combos of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo on 4th February. We the lucky few witnessed , the chef dish out drool-worthy, sinful and irresistible creations out of Cadbury Dairy milk silk Oreo. We just loved what we ate and then we designed our own magical treats.

Here's a  Delightful Design ( 'Deconstructed Trifle' by Ms. Naina Rahul Goregaonkar ) 

Mr. Prashnat Peres, director-Marketing ( chocolates ) , Mondelez India was present to share exciting insight on the new product innovation at Flavour Diaries , Khar.


Crunchy, Munchy, and Fruit Punchy  .... Chocolicious launch of #SilkWithACrunch  Cadbury Dairy Milk SILK - Have you felt Silk lately? and 
Mondel─ôz International have joined forces to present us epicures, an  enchantingly sweet experience #SilkWithACrunch. #Oreo by Mondel─ôz International . Even in today's politically demoralized times, Sweet Alliance of Both titans , Mondelez-Chocolates & crunchy, crispy Oreo cookies added up to the dreamy fantasy. The velvety texture and perfect sweetness of Vanilla cream in #CDMSilkOreo matches the luxurious, creamy, coco richness of Mondelez, magnificently. 

Choc de Mondelez. I am totally loving to #ShareTheJoy of attending a workshop by Master Chef Michael Swamy . Many of us created wonderful combinations & permutations of fresh , dehydrated , candied fruits , cakes , pizza base , with butter , cream , vinegar with Mondelez's #SilkWithACrunch for you my dear friends. You all are welcome home to taste #CDMSilkOreo .

 All of us enjoyed the first hand-eye-mouth experience of various Chocolate recipes , such as 1. Chocolate Salted Tart 2. Chocolate Chilli Salad 3. Chocolate Milk Shake 4. Chocolate Orange Cheese cake and 5. Peppered Strawberries and Chocolate. Thanks #MondelezIndia & Food Bloggers Association, India (FBAI) for this Chocolaty invite.


rupam sarma said...

wow great :))

Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Good to know but i dont eat Cadbury.


Thanks Rupam. The Coco-sweet memories of Mondelez- Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Oreo are still ON our tongues and IN our minds.

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Hey Jyotirmoy. Glad about your compliment and comment too cause 'Less the competitors are better, then we don't have to share our Treasured Cadbury.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thanks for indicating this "1. Chocolate Salted Tart 2. Chocolate Chilli Salad 3. Chocolate Milk Shake 4. Chocolate Orange Cheese cake and 5. Peppered Strawberries and Chocolate." I am going to definitely try these at home. It's been a while since I used Cadbury chocolates in my cooking/baking. Have a good day.