Friday, December 15, 2023

Rallis India drives innovation in Crop Nutrition with NAYAZINC™

A unique, patented, and high potential Zinc Fertiliser, transforming soil zinc application

Mumbai, 15 December 2023: Rallis India Limited, a Tata enterprise and a leading player in the Indian agri inputs industry, is strengthening farming practices with NAYAZINC™, a unique, patented zinc fertiliser designed for soil application. This innovation is transforming agricultural practices across various crops, soils, and agro-climatic conditions, providing farmers a highly efficient alternative to Zinc Sulphate. 

NAYAZINC™ is a fully FCO-compliant product with high standards of quality and aspires to replace Zinc sulphate as a preferred choice for Indian agriculture. With 16 percent zinc, it provides optimum zinc nutrition to the plants at almost one-tenth of zinc application when compared to Zinc Sulphate. With 9 percent magnesium also in its content, NAYAZINC™ boosts photosynthesis during the early growth phase. NAYAZINC™ offers an innovative solution suitable for a wide range of crops; Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, Pulses, Oilseed, Vegetables, Cotton, Sorghum, Mustard; Groundnut, and Soybean.

Sanjiv Lal, Managing Director of Rallis India Limited, expressed his enthusiasm about NAYAZINC™, stating, NAYAZINC™ is a testament to our dedication towards achieving our Mission – “Serving Farmers Through Science”. More than 45 percent of Indian soils are low in plant-available zinc, NAYAZINC™ is an innovative solution to enhance productivity and improve sustainability. Zinc nutrition in plants has a strong bearing, much like zinc nutrition in human beings, especially infants and babies. Our investments in this product are intended to provide a strong foundation for healthy soil, producing healthy foods for a healthy nation.”

S.Nagarajan, Chief Operating Officer of Rallis India Limited, added,“Built on the principles of Zinc delicately bound in a Polyphosphate chain to prevent it from undesired reactions in soil, this innovative micronutrient fertiliser allows co-application with any crop nutrient source and acts as a slow-release fertiliser to improve use efficiency several times when compared with the traditional Zinc Sulphate. NAYAZINC™ represents a significant step forward in crop nutrient application. ”

Rallis India Limited aspires to elevate agricultural practices through its inventive crop nutrition solutions. The company's steadfast commitment to R&D and business development has yielded promising results in current markets, reinforcing its leadership in the agri-input Industry. The company is confident that NAYAZINC™ will usher in a new era of sustainable farming practices, benefiting both farmers and the environment in the foreseeable future. 

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