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Mumbai…December 13, 2023… Milind Soman, the esteemed fitness icon, has once again embarked on the Lifelong Green Ride 3.0. Milind has initiated the cycling journey, pedalling towards Mumbai, and has planned stopover in Ahmedabad. Commencing on December 11th in Pune, this multi-city Green Ride expedition is scheduled to conclude in Bangalore on December 18, 2023. Lifelong Online Retail Private Limited, a leading consumer durables company, has orchestrated this event intending to foster a healthier and eco-friendly environment.

Renowned as India’s supermodel and fitness influencer, Milind Soman is undertaking a solo cycling expedition, covering an impressive distance of over 650 kilometres from Pune to Ahmedabad. Following this, he will embark on an EV ride covering 100 kilometres to reach Bangalore. Milind has been actively associated with the Lifelong campaign, encouraging individuals to “Fight Lazy” and push themselves towards their fittest versions. The Lifelong Freeride Cycle accompanies him on this mission, inspiring people to embrace an active lifestyle and contribute to environmental well-being.

Bharat Kalia, Co-Founder of Lifelong Online Retail Pvt. Ltd., expressed his enthusiasm for the Green Ride initiative, stating, "At Lifelong, our commitment extends beyond providing consumer durables; we are dedicated to fostering a healthier lifestyle for individuals and emphasizing the importance of environmental sustainability. The Green Ride stands as a powerful testament to our unwavering dedication to these goals, and we are proud to collaborate with Milind Soman in spreading this message across the nation."

Milind Soman, the fitness icon, shared his excitement, saying, "Embarking on the Lifelong Green Ride 3.0 is not just a journey for me; it's a commitment to promoting a healthier and more sustainable way of life. Through this initiative, I encourage everyone to 'Fight Lazy,' embrace an active lifestyle, and contribute to a cleaner, greener world."

As part of the Ride, Milind encourages families to participate in the "Ride with Family" initiative, allowing Lifelong customers to enjoy the ride alongside Milind Soman. Additionally, Milind engaged with school children in Pune during this journey. 

The Green Ride 3.0 will traverse multiple cities, covering diverse terrains to symbolize the collective effort needed for a healthier planet. Lifelong and Milind Soman extend an invitation to everyone to join this movement, promoting fitness, environmental consciousness, and the pursuit of a healthier, sustainable future.

About Lifelong Online

Lifelong Online is one of India’s leading direct-to-consumer brands for consumer durable products. Inspired by consumers, our products are developed by keeping our insights of the modern Indian consumer’s lifestyle at the core of the design. As we reimagine everyday living, our products strongly resonate with our consumers, establishing our strong presence across multiple categories, starting from Home & Kitchen, Lifestyle, Fitness, Healthcare, and extending to IoT Devices. At Lifelong Online, we run the complete D2C flywheel, with a technology backbone that secures customer feedback across multiple touchpoints, demonstrating effective marketing and communication campaigns, managing a diverse multi-country factory base across, a pan-India customer service network, and robust capabilities of e-commerce fulfilment at multiple locations across India. This allows us to continuously innovate and improve customer experience and grow into all categories present in our customers' homes. Our deep integration with Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, and other modern trade outlets has ensured that Lifelong Online delivers on its promise to be accessible, available, and affordable for all its customers. Lifelong Online was founded by Atul Raheja, Varun Grover, and Bharat Kalia in 2015.


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