Friday, December 29, 2023

Gateway of India Immortalized in Philately: Chief Postmaster General, Maharashtra Circle Unveils a Permanent Pictorial Cancellation at Taj Mahal Post Office, Mumbai.

In a momentous event today, 28.12.2023 at the Taj Mahal Post Office, Mumbai  the Chief Postmaster General of Maharashtra Circle, Shri Kishan Kumar Sharma, unveiled a captivating permanent pictorial cancellation featuring the iconic Gateway of India. Simultaneously, the release of the 2024 calendar adorned with pictorial cancellations from Maharashtra and Goa added an artistic flair to the occasion.

The unveiling of the permanent pictorial cancellation at the Taj Mahal Post  Office, Mumbai marks a historic tribute to the Gateway of India, one of the nation's most revered landmarks. This permanent pictorial cancellation is a testament to the Maharashtra Circle's commitment to celebrating cultural heritage through the medium of philately.

The 2024 calendar released today offers a visual journey through Maharashtra and Goa, showcasing the unique charm and cultural richness of these states. Each month on the calendar is adorned with exquisite pictorial cancellation that encapsulate the essence of these regions, making it a collector's delight.

In a ceremony attended by esteemed postal officials, philatelic enthusiasts, and dignitaries, Shri Sharma expressed his enthusiasm for the philatelic contributions that highlight India's architectural and cultural marvels. 

The Gateway of India permanent pictorial cancellation and the 2024 calendar received accolades from attendees, emphasizing the Maharashtra Circle's dedication to fostering a deeper appreciation for our nation's heritage through the medium of Postal Cancellations.

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