Wednesday, November 15, 2023

JUMBOKING, India's largest homegrown burger chain launches NEW AI-GENERATED CAMPAIGN

Jumboking Burgers, a leading name in the Indian fast-food industry, has recently announced the launch of its groundbreaking AI-generated campaign, setting an innovative precedent in the realm of digital marketing. The campaign, characterized by cutting-edge CGI technology, introduces two additions to its festive menu - the tempting Peri Peri Nachos Burger and the fiery Schezwan Burger.

The AI-generated campaign seamlessly weaves together many dynamic cultural phenomena - from the exhilarating trends of the ODI Cricket World Cup 2023 to the unparalleled love for food among the vibrant Gen-Z demographic. By fusing the pulse of the cricketing world with the ever-evolving preferences of the younger generation, Jumboking is taking the conversation one-on-one to each customer, with this campaign executed by the agency Mentoprenuer.

Speaking about this milestone campaign, Dheeraj Gupta, MD and founder of Jumboking expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are very excited about the possibilities that today's ever-evolving technologies create. Whether it is our loyalty programs or our training initiatives, we are amazed at how tech makes everything so interactive. We decided to invest in a campaign that will appeal to gen Z."

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