Saturday, November 11, 2023

IJSF Sparks Unprecedented Festive Fervor with Fabulous Rewards

The All India Gem & Jewelry Domestic Council, the apex trade vbody that unites jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and exporters has unleashed a one-of-a-kind shopping extravaganza with the Indian Jewelry Shopping Festival (IJSF), and the response has been nothing short of spectacular. Launched on October 15th and scheduled to run until November 22nd, the event has captivated both customers and retailers nationwide.

Setting itself apart from conventional promotional events, IJSF has already distributed a whopping 33 gold coins to lucky winners, creating a buzz of excitement across the country. The program's unique approach of offering instant rewards adds a dynamic twist to the festive shopping experience.

With an ambitious distribution plan, the council is set to distribute 50 kgs of gold, 500 kilos of silver, and 5 kilos of bumper prizes, ensuring a wide array of rewards for participants. What's even more impressive is the participation of 1500 jewelers from over 170 cities, all of whom are reporting unprecedented enthusiasm from buyers.

Mr. Dinesh Jain, Director GJC and Convenor IJSF said, “We had anticipated a growth of 30-35% during this festive season, and we are thrilled that expectations have not only been met but surpassed. We are keeping a close eye on the unfolding trends, expecting this Diwali to break records with a potential 50% surge in overall business.” As the festival of lights, Diwali traditionally witnesses a surge in demand for gold and gold jewelry, and the IJSF has strategically capitalized on this trend.

During Diwali, gold is not just a symbol of prosperity and good fortune but also a cherished gift exchanged during the celebrations. The demand for exquisitely crafted gold jewelry peaks during this period, as families across the nation indulge in the age-old tradition of adorning themselves with the precious metal.

 The festival of lights has never shone brighter in the world of jewelry, thanks to the innovative and rewarding spirit of the India Jewelry Shopping Festival.

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