Thursday, November 30, 2023

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: TiE Women Global Pitch Competition successfully concluded at TiE Global Summit Singapore

Mumbai, November 30, 2023: The TiE Women Global Pitch Competition, held at the prestigious TiE Global Summit in Singapore, concluded with resounding success showcasing innovation and empowerment. Organized by TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), the competition provided a platform for female entrepreneurs to shine, emphasizing diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial landscape.

TiE Women program features a diverse array of innovative business ideas and ventures led by exceptional women entrepreneurs from across the globe. The event was a testament to the impactful strides made by women in the entrepreneurial sphere.

The program received over 1600 applications from across the globe with representation from 62 countries. There were 39 finalists spread over different tracks competing for equity-free prize money of up to $50,000.

The competition saw an impressive lineup of female-led startups presenting groundbreaking concepts, spanning various industries such as technology, healthcare, sustainability, and more. Participants demonstrated exceptional creativity, resilience, and determination, captivating the audience and judges alike with their pitches.

Asha Jadeja, founder of the Jadeja Motwani Foundation and platinum sponsor of the TiE Women program shared her thoughts about the competition ‘I am delighted that top women entrepreneurs from the global south now have this powerful international platform created by Motwani Jadeja Foundation and TiEGlobal. We will be taking these stellar entrepreneurs all the way to Silicon Valley, our own home. Becoming an integral part of the Valley and our MJ Women Entrepreneurs program will provide unparalleled access to the heart of innovation, entrepreneurship and disruptive tech breakthroughs of our planet. We want these new connections to energize and catalyze future generations of women entrepreneurs back in the home countries of our recipients.  Exciting times ahead.’ 

The esteemed panel of 23 judges spread across different tracks evaluated the pitches based on innovation, market potential, scalability, and impact, making the selection process both rigorous and insightful. 

Askhita Sachdeva, Co-Founder, Trestle Labs from TiE Bangalore and the winner of this year’s competition shared her experience - ‘It's an honour to win the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023. It's not just about the win, but what went behind and what lies ahead. TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023 indeed has been a life-changing experience for Trestle Labs with amazing mentorship from TiE Bangalore and the global network of TiE members that TiEWomen Global Pitch 2023 win has opened up. With all this, we are sure to scale #Kibo and its impact farther and faster’.

TiE Tampa finalist, Shama Rathi was the first runner up and here is what she had to say about her win ‘Feels amazing to be surrounded by so many brilliant ideas and innovation across sectors. So thankful to TiE Global, TiE Singapore and TiE Women team for the experience’. 

Wafa Alobaidat, Founder and CEO of Playbook from TiE Dubai - Saudi Arabia pitched virtually and stood second runner-up. She encapsulated her experience saying “Winning the TiE Women Global Pitch Competition 2023 is an honor. Grateful for the journey from chapter finals to victory. Excited for what lies ahead! Being part of TiE Global is an inspiring journey of entrepreneurial growth, filled with opportunities and connecting to great networks that propel innovation and success. It's a supportive community where ideas flourish, and connections thrive.”

About TiE Women:

TiE Women is an initiative of TiE Global, a global non-profit organization that fosters entrepreneurship through networking, mentoring, incubating, educating and funding. TiE Women has representation of women entrepreneurs from over 60 countries. The 2023 Global Pitch competition will culminate in Singapore on November 17th. In less than four years, the program has achieved significant milestones with over 5500 applications till date from across the globe. More than 600 women entrepreneurs have received mentoring at the local chapter level with over 100 mentors and experts engaged. The program has seen 13 women-led startups receive equity - free grants worth $350,000 and more through the annual global pitch competitions. To take the program to the next level, TiE Global will launch a dedicated TiE Women Mentoring program with an ambitious global cohort of nearly 100 women founders”. For more information, please visit 

About Asha Jadeja:

As one of Silicon Valley’s most highly respected venture capitalists, Asha Jadeja has invested in over 200 well known technology startups in the Valley such as Paypal, Mimosa, AppDynamics, Meraki and Pinterest.  

As founding stakeholders in Google, Asha and her late husband Prof. Rajeev Motwani of Stanford University played a critical role in establishing the DNA of the company. Not only was Rajeev the author of Google’s search algorithms, but he was critical to determining who were the first 100 employees of Google, the startup. The company now has over 70,000 employees. Asha continues to work closely with Google Ventures, Gradient (Google’s AI investment arm) and Google Foundation on various joint investments.  

Asha founded the Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation in 2012 to make philanthropic investments in promoting entrepreneurship in underserved pockets in Bay Area and India. Her flagship program the RajeevCircle Fellowship now has about 150 Fellows that Asha has worked closely with. The goal in this fellowship is to accelerate the problem-solving repertoire of her fellows and helping them “pay it forward”.   Her fellows collaborate with TED, INK and Acumen Fellows all of which Asha has supported over the years. 

In 2023 Asha launched the Motwani Women Entrepreneurs Fellowship in partnership with TiE Global. This new program will support 40 disruptive women entrepreneurs from India, Middle East and Africa.

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