Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Revolutionary Fixed-Return Investment Platform 'Stable Money' Unveiled

Mumbai, September 13, 2023 –Stable Money,India’s first Fixed-Return Investment Platform, is delighted to announce the official launch and its availability for download. Stable Money is a marketplace that focuses on providing reliable fixed-income investment opportunities to individuals. The platform offers access to fixed deposits (FDs), debt mutual funds, bonds, and other low-risk asset classes. It compares FD interest rates from over 200 banks, enabling customers to manage and track their FDs using digital tools. The platform, which recently secured funding from Matrix and Lightspeed, has onboarded many partner banks.

Stable Money has introduced a set of new features that are reshaping fixed-return investments. Among these features is the Break FD, which offers investors the flexibility to access funds before maturity without sacrificing returns. Additionally, there's FD Laddering, a feature that helps investors maintain a balanced portfolio by considering both liquidity and returns. Lastly, the Switch FD feature enables investors to make swift adjustments in response to market changes

During the launch event, alongside the unveiling of innovative features, various partner banks also participated in insightful panel discussions on topics such as 'Rising Inflation and Its Impact on Fixed Income' and 'Financial Planning : Focusing on discipline and asset allocation.'

The event was attended by esteemed figures such as Mr. Kalpen Parekh - MD & CEO at DSP Mutual Fund, Sanjay Sharda - Head Consumer Banking Utkarsh Small Finance Bank, Keshav Mishra - Executive Vice President, Head Digital Banking, Shivalik Small Finance Bank, Vedansh Chandak - President, Corporate Finance and Treasury at Shriram Finance Limited, and Mr. Kirtan Shah - Co-Founder & CEO of Financial Planning Academy, among others.

Saurabh Jain and Harish Reddy, Founders of Stable Money, expressed their excitement, stating, “Our mission with Stable Money is clear - to democratize fixed-return investments and provide a transparent, user-friendly avenue for millions of Indians. Today marks the beginning, but our vision stretches far beyond. We’re here to provide a financial safety net that assures stability and resilience, especially in these unpredictable times.”

The launch event witnessed the esteemed presence of Stable Money’s partner banks and influential angel investors. Since its soft launch and subsequent beta testing, Stable Money has gained registrations from over 50,000 users on its platform, marking a notable start and showcasing the platform's prowess in the financial ecosystem.

Stable Money will soon embark on an India tour, spanning over 15+ cities, aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of fixed-income instruments through workshops and conferences. As a steadfast commitment to financial empowerment, Stable Money is dedicated to providing investors with advanced control and a wealth of knowledge, paving the way for a more promising and prosperous financial future.


About Stable Money: 

Stable Money is a cutting-edge marketplace that specializes in providing individuals with reliable fixed-income investment opportunities. The platform explores  FD interest rates from over 200+ esteemed banks, allowing customers to effortlessly manage and track their FDs using intuitive digital tools. With a strong emphasis on financial stability and user-friendly technology, Stable Money aims to empower investors and assist them in achieving their unique financial goals.

With an initial focus on fixed deposits, Stable Money aims to expand its offerings to include a diverse range of investment avenues in the future. By combining financial stability with user-friendly technology, Stable Money aims to create a trustworthy environment where customers can explore various investment opportunities.

Stable Money recognizes the criticality of effective FD management and monitoring, which is why it provides investors with user-friendly digital tools that empower them to oversee their investments with ease. These tools enable hassle-free transactions across various banks, ensuring utmost convenience for clients. Moreover, the company places great emphasis on maintaining high levels of security and transparency, offering customers a sense of reassurance and peace of mind as they engage in their investment activities on the platform. 

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