Friday, September 29, 2023 collaborates with Generation India Foundation and AWS re/Start to provide new cloud talent for India’s tech industry

New Delhi, Sep 29, 2023: has announced a collaboration with Generation India Foundation, non-profit organization preparing people for life-changing careers, to create employment opportunities for graduates from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start program. Apna will work with graduates to build professional skills, and connect them to technology and cloud related jobs via its platform. The collaboration will help meet industry demand for IT and cloud talent across India.  

Apna’s mission is to empower professionals and bridge India’s talent gap. By leveraging its expansive network of employers, apna will facilitate a seamless integration of AWS re/Start graduates into the job market.  AWS re/Start graduates will be able to utilize Apna’s unique platform features to showcase their skills and experience directly to recruiters who are looking to fill entry-level tech roles at organizations across the country. 

This collaboration comes at a time when the demand for skilled professionals is increasing across many industries. Gallup research, commissioned by AWS, found that nearly all tech (99%) and non-tech (96%) workers in India are “extremely” or “very interested” in participating in digital skills training. However, 62% of tech and 50% of non-tech workers in India say “lack of time” is the biggest barrier to upskilling. 

AWS re/Start is a free workforce development program for unemployed and underemployed individuals and covers entry-level cloud skills training as well as practical career tips, including resume writing and interview preparation. Through real-world scenario-based exercises, labs, and coursework, learners are trained on multiple technologies, including Linux, Python, networking, security, and relational databases. The program also covers the cost for learners to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam, an industry-recognized credential that validates their cloud skills and knowledge. 

"In today's fast-paced world of technology, there is growing demand for a skilled workforce to meet industry needs. AWS, being a frontrunner in the tech industry, is a hub for cutting-edge innovation. Through our collaboration with the Generation India Foundation and the AWS re/Start program , we are empowering aspiring professionals and helping bridge the gap between talent and the demand for skilled workers in India’s tech industry," said Nirmit Parikh, Founder & CEO,

“AWS re/Start brings “net-new” talent into the workforce, helping individuals to launch successful cloud careers, organizations to increase their competitive edge with in-demand talent, and communities to thrive and grow. We are excited to collaborate with apna to create a diverse, robust cloud workforce of the future, allowing organizations to accelerate their innovation with cloud,” said Amit Mehta, Head of Business Development for Education & Training, Amazon Web Services India Private Limited.

“This collaboration with apna and AWS re/Start will help transform the job landscape, providing aspiring professionals with unparalleled access to exciting and important career opportunities in tech. We are excited to work with apna and AWS to transform the way talent is discovered, nurtured, and connected with employers, ultimately shaping the future of the job market in India,” said Arunesh Singh, CEO, Generation India Foundation

AWS re/Start’s collaborating organizations support underrepresented groups, minorities, displaced individuals, indigenous populations, refugees, young adults, and more.  The program currently operates in over 180 cities across more than 60 countries, and connects 98% of graduates with employment opportunities. 

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Founded in 2019, is India’s largest jobs and professional networking platform dedicated to helping India’s workforce to unlock unique professional networking and skilling opportunities. With a mission to solve the earth-scale problem of unemployment in the country, Apna aspires to empower and provide a level playing field for all job seekers across industries and employment roles. With more than 40 million users in 70-plus cities and counting and more than 545,000 employers that trust the platform, India has a new destination to discover relevant opportunities.

About Generation India Foundation

Generation is a nonprofit organization established with the aim of transforming education to employment systems to better prepare and support people for life-changing careers. Generation India Foundation (GIF) was launched in 2015 to tackle the dual challenges of a lack of trained workforce and non-employability of large sections of India's youth. As of now, 20,000+ learners (58% female) have been trained in India so far. 

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