Saturday, September 16, 2023

Luv Sinha's art event ’Varuna' in collaboration with Rraaj Gharana celebrating art, bespoke jewellery and monsoons is a big hit, Shatrughan Sinha , Poonam Sinha ,Kussh Sinha, Utkarsh Sharma and others attend in grand style

Luv Sinha's House Of Creativity is celebrated and renowned for promoting various art forms and giving them a platform to express them freely. For the unversed, House Of Creativity was launched by Luv as a special token of appreciation to showcase his respect and love for his parents on the occasion of their anniversary few years back. Ever since then, HOC has grown and has become quite popular. Their latest initiative ’Varuna' in collaboration with Rraaj Gharana is a huge hit as well. The event took place on September 15th and went on till the 17th. The event was all about celebrating art, bespoke jewellery designs and monsoons and it took place at Rraaj Gharana Gems & Jewels. 

The event was duly attended by the likes of Luv Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha, Kush Sinha, Poonam Sinha, Utkarsh Sharma of Gadar 2 fame and Neha Kanddhari. 

Monsoon clouds are personified by Varuna, India’s beloved rain God. From an aesthetic perspective, artistes have always been inspired by the divine energy of monsoons and the masterly elements of Varuna’s spirit of ecological harmony during the beautiful rains. At Rraj Gharana too, this idea is rooted in their design philosophy. The idea of water through its varied forms and stages, reminds us about the importance of conserving, protecting, and sharing our heritage. Luv Sinha's 'House of Creativity' has brought together the abundant beauty of contemporary art by showcasing contemporary Indian artists - Nehha Kandhari, Sarika Mehta, Kedar DK, Kabir Hirani, Gautam Bansal and Shalaka Patil. 

Regarding the success of the event, Luv Sinha says,

"I am extremely grateful to everyone who made it a point to be there at the event for this very special initiative. I am happy that the artiste community came together to promote and encourage contemporary art in the best way possible. The presence of my family and Utkarsh who's a dear friend made it memorable. I’m thankful to all of them for gracing the event. The goal is to make this even bigger next time."

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