Saturday, January 29, 2022


 Mumbai, 28th January 2022: The Vice Chancellor, RV University, Dr. Y.S.R. Murthy has called for quick implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP). He stressed the need for amendment of state private university acts in consonance with NEP, design the National Higher Education Regulatory Council with great care and work out its relationship with the State Higher Education Councils. 

He was speaking at the Higher Education Leader’s Summit organised by ObserveNow in partnership with CollPoll and Dalham on 27th January 2022. 

Prof. (Dr). Y.S.R Murthy said, “The success of NEP will lie in its implementation, and it requires legislative, policy and ‘attitudinal’ changes at all levels including at the State Government level.”

Referring to regulatory challenges, Dr. Murthy pointed out that, “If you create a new single regulator and all existing staff move en bloc to the new entity, it can end up as old wine in a new bottle. Change does not come with a mere change of name boards in front of regulatory agencies but it will come with a proper design of the proposed National Higher Education Regulatory Council. A regulator's role is that of an enabler and a facilitator. The Government must also work out its relationship with the State level Higher Education Councils.”  

Drawing attention to the financing challenges faced by private universities, Dr Murthy said, “Budget planning has become complex on account of multiple entry and exit options and NEP’s emphasis on scholarships to enable access to disadvantaged students. The operation of Fee Committees in many States has also compounded the matter. We should allow market forces to settle such matters.  Any stiff regulation with regard to fee will only rob entrepreneurship, innovation and will work at cross purposes with the very objective of creating new institutions and increasing gross enrolment ratio (GER).”

Over 20 education leaders and 200 higher education professionals attended that event. The discussion focused on the National Education Policy and featured eminent academicians discussing the challenges and opportunities associated with it. It also focused on the role of key stakeholders including regulators, legislators, and educational institutions. 

RV University (RVU) is the new-age, tech-driven global university for liberal education. 

The summit concluded with a unanimous call for taking concrete steps to give effect to the National Education Policy. 

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