Thursday, September 26, 2019

On the milieu of World Heart Day, Madhavbaug organized a demonstration of CPR for 'World Famous Mumbai Dabbawalas’

A heart attack can occur to anyone anywhere. Today in India, every thirty-three seconds a person is having a heart attack. In such a situation, when CPR is given in the first six minutes to a person who has a heart attack, his chances of survival increases. Therefore, most Indians should learn this first aid.

Dabbawalas in Mumbai has been working for several years in a deliberate and systematic way of delivering home food to Mumbai. While taking care of people's stomachs, they can save someone's life on occasion. Madhavbaug gave them the CPR training during this event so that in case of emergency they can provide first aid to someone or to themselves. The event took place at Churchgate from 11.15 am to 12.00 am outside Churchgate Station Platform No. 4 near Eros Talkies.
During the event the Founder and CEO of Madhavbaug Dr. Rohit Madhav Sane and President of Mumbai Dabbawala Transport Association Shri Ramdas Karawande were present. This session helped the Dabbawalas to understand the CPR technique in an engaging and interactive manner. Dr. Bipin Gond, Western Mumbai Regional Medical Head, Madhavbaug briefed them about daily routine and diet to be followed for a healthy heart. Heart diseases are the leading cause of deaths in India and claim about 2.8 million lives each year. Appropriate intermediations such as CPR to revive someone after a sudden cardiac arrest can help save many lives.

So on the juncture of World Heart Day Madhavbaug took the initiative of the CPR training. They are undertaking many initiatives to spread awareness like Fit India Cycle Rally. Dr.Rohit Sane founded Madhavbaug in 2006 and has successfully established itself as a dependable option for treating heart an ailment with its unique approach of using non-invasive, multidisciplinary therapies. Madhavbaug’s ideology – “Whatever it takes” – is a promise of doing everything possible to provide the best cardiac care to heart patients. Scientific approach and evidence-based practice helped Madhavbaug to successfully treat more than 100,000+ plus heart patients in the last 13 years. Madhavbaug’s Hospital and clinics research papers are based on a unique novel concept of evidence-based.

Madhavbaug has recently won India’s Greatest brand Awards and Dr.Rohit Sane won India’s Greatest Leader by 12th Edition of Asian Business & Social Investor Forum 2018–19 & 4th Edition – India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2018–19. Madhavbaug Hospital, the world’s first Ayurvedic Cardiac Rehab Centre treats cardiovascular problems in a non-surgical method with the help of ancient Ayurveda. With over 200+ clinics, 2 hospitals and 200+ doctors are providing inexpensive non-invasive treatment.

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