Sunday, September 15, 2019

"COACH TO A FORTUNE" : Arfeen Khan

Picture Courtesy : Arfeen Khan 

Today Arfeen Khan is going to share a secret with you that can help you grow personally and professionally!
There are many ways to grow your career exponentially so you can...
  • Go from unknown to instant expert.
  • Go from ordinary to extra-ordinary.
  • Go from dreamer to achiever...
And more specifically, to teach others what you know and love.
If you know how to coach your prospects and clients in a way that educates them, excites them, and connects with them... you’re going to be very, very successful.
But knowing “HOW” to do this is the big problem.
Which is why Arfeen KHan has created a program called Coach To a Fortune!
In the workshop,he is going to give you the secrets that you can use immediately if you ever have to (or want to) do any talks to groups of people or create your own coaching business.
And as you know this workshop is FREE...!
Want more info on the workshop?
Here’s what you’ll walk away with after you attend:
  • The secrets to get started as a coach.
  • Discover your ideal coaching niche and design your coaching package.
  • How to make a bigger impact in lives of people as a coach.
  • The coaching method that you can use to create a talk with less information, all while your client learns more and has more fun.
  • Feel credible and prepared.
  • And much, much more.
Good or good?
Join  this Workshop “Coach To a Fortune.”
It’s completely free to attend!
To Your Success, Arfeen Khan
P.S. Still wondering if this workshop is for you?
  1. Do you want to become a successful coach?
  2. Do you want to learn how to start running coaching sessions?
  3. Do you want a proven, step-by-step system with all the materials needed to coach people?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, then this workshop is made for you!
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“Your future is up to you… Only you can create the life you desire!”
This 2019, it is your chance to make a successful career as a coach!
And there are a few rules to becoming a Transformational coach the easy way:
One of them is: You don’t have to be flamboyant or an extrovert to do this!
Look at Mahatma Gandhi, he wasn’t loud!
You can be a completely ordinary person and still be as impactful as any loud person!
“You can be the way you are right now and still make an impact!” – Arfeen Khan
You can make a fortune by becoming a coach.
But are you still confused if you can do it?
Let me give you an example of how Arfeen Khan does it…
He has a client called “Rinku Sawhney”
She was a housewife from Delhi who used to do some social work in prison and then she realized, she wanted to be awesome but her belief was zero!
She joined one of Arfeen Khan's programs and he sat with her and they went through her story and made some fabulous content and a system that she uses to coach her clients!
And today, if he gives Rinku a 5-minute notice before going on stage, she would do it confidently as she knows how to structure her content!
She calls herself a Life Transformational Coach and is doing really well with her coaching business!
Being a coach has given her a new and a powerful identity today!
People know her and look up to her for a transformation in their life personally and professionally, she feels great about herself as she is famous and she helps people get a positive shift in their life and it’s a great feeling of self-satisfaction to help people!
Here is what she has to say:
“Thanks Arfeen for all your support & belief in me. My journey has begun & what an incredible start!”
Rinku Sawnhey Life Transformational Coach
So are you ready, to become a super successful coach and help other people around the globe and at the same time earn a fortune for your family and self?
Don’t worry, Arfeen Khan is going to hold your hand and take you through this journey… Give you his system that will help you coach clients and he will also help you get your first clients!
And this is going to help you in the long run…
In his workshop this weekend, he will share more details about this…
Excited? Yes or yes?

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