Thursday, September 26, 2019

Clensta- India’s first waterless technology-based company; in discussion with KokilaBen Hospital, Seven Hill, Tata Memorial Hospital, PD Hinduja and more.

 Clensta International plans to flourish their growth to Mumbai with the prospects to introduce Waterless technology in the healthcare segment. After the successful expansion in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Punjab and more, the company also flourished their augmentation in Mumbai with the following leading names like Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Seven Hill, Sir HN Hospital and more where the product will be inducted in the coming months. Company’s large orientation of pharmaceutical distribution is lead by Skites Pharma Group (Maharashtra). The team is also in active conversation with Breach Candy Hospital, one of the leading chains of hospitals in Mumbai.

Clensta is making the futuristic approach of bathing without water possible with the benefits of fighting germs and bacteria. The product not only removes dirt, oil, and grease completely but also provide a shining and moisturizing look to the hair and body using the emollient properties. Clensta offers a unique range of products including Waterless Body Bath and Shampoo with an eye on new innovations to be laid on Waterless Toothpaste, Mosquito Repellent body bath and Pigeon repellent for health maintenance with preventive anti-microbial formulation.  
“Various health diseases make it difficult for a patient to maintain regular water contact. Clensta actively works on the idea of personal hygiene to eradicate the building up of infections and bacteria on the body. Unhealthy bathing techniques increase the risk of harmful diseases. In such a situation waterless products provide a healthy sanitary idea for patients in severe conditions. Clensta aims at developing environment-compassionate products that can be an enabler for a healthy hygienic world” shared Dr Puneet Gupta, Founder of Clensta.
Clensta is actively initiating the use of waterless products to educate and provide complete hygiene in remote areas of India. One bottle of Clensta shampoo saves 350 liters of water and has already achieved milestones by saving nearly 6 million liters of water through its “Waterless technology” based product