Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The finale of Häfele Supermom 2019 brings Australian MasterChef Winner Sashi Cheliah to Mumbai to reveal and crown the winners

For over three years, the Häfele Supermom initiative has served as an inspiration to women across
India to innovate and introduce recipes that find a perfect blend of taste and health. This year, the
challenge for participating supermoms was to use only certain superfoods and create
unconventional healthy dishes that would not only taste good but look good as well to appeal to the
young ones.

The competition came to its final leg on 27 th August 2019 where ten-finalist from across India,
shortlisted from over 2500 entries by a panel of renowned influencers and bloggers, competed for
the title of ‘Häfele Appliance Supermom’. Judged and supervised by Australian MasterChef Winner
Sashi Cheliah, the finalists were given yoghurt as a secret ingredient (revealed at the competition)
which was to be used alongside other ingredients and premium Häfele appliances to prepare their
final dish. Food Critic Kunal Vijaykar set a vibrant tone for the day as he effortlessly anchored the
entire competition while sharing his expertise and experience in foods with the audience.

As the morning slid into afternoon in the culturally enriched interiors of Mukesh Mills, the day
reached closer to revealing the three winners of Häfele Supermom 2019. Of the ten finalists, Sashi
Cheliah crowned – 1. Divya Jain (Ragi Brownie with raspberry cheesecake, hazelnut crumble,
raspberry coulis with toile) 2. Neelam Agarwal (hung yogurt stuffed crispy potsticker), and 3. Surbhi
Bhandari (Govind gatta with lachha paratha, cucumber and mint buttermilk) as the winners who
received Häfele’s latest range of products including a double-door refrigerator, a washer-dryer, and
an all-in-one kitchen machine. As he felicitated the winners, he said, “The Supermoms, coming in
from a variety of regions across India, brought it a lot of incredible flavours and tastes. It was a
wonderful experience to witness these amazing women take up the challenge with such spirit and
bring out their best.” Later, Sashi enthralled the audience with his cooking skills as he conducted a
masterclass demonstrating live preparation of his version of a unique Spanish dish called Paella
made from chicken & shrimp.

Häfele has been proudly hosting this exciting platform for the moms of the nation and inspiring
women of the country. Jürgen Wolf, Managing Director, Häfele India, says, “The brand’s belief in
empowering women to bring a healthy revolution through the Supermom initiative serves as
inspiration to mothers across the country. Häfele promises to continue this initiative and make it
bigger and better by every passing year.”

Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ty1fngfpfk70rx/AABlC2fPfm7E5wOWKoTEZBSka?dl=0