Thursday, May 2, 2019

Raise your Glam quotient with Glamfox Korea

Lipsticks are magical. They alter our face-value dramatically.

Top features of Glamfox

1. Natural flower filled in
2. Genuine 24K gold foil 
3. Long-term persistence (more than 9 hours)
4. A combination of lipstick and lipgloss

Key Selling Point - People with dry lips - People who want a natural lip color - People looking for a special gift Transparent, but turns pink when applied. Strong persistence without the need for makeup after drinking or eating A combination of Lipstick and Lipgloss for easy use It is good for coloring and moisturizing if it is applied to existing lipstick. The special product that anyone would like to use once Global products sold in Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, etc

1.The lip gloss that adds moisture to dry lips 2.Transparent lipstick with real flowers and 24K gold powder to create a romantic feeling 3. Pink coloration caused by body temperature and pH 4. An average of more than 9 hours of color persistence and sweet candy fragrance. 5. Made in Korea products manufactured at CGMP Volume : 3.3g Main ingredient : gold, Flower Complex extract Use Tip Recommended use of brush when exposed to dry flower during use

Color-changing by temperature.
A sheer balm that enhances your natural lip color while
moisturizing and protecting lips.
[How to use]
Apply a small amount to the middle of lower lip with the circle movement,
and then apply to the upper lip as the same way.

Mirror packaging
Korean transparent lipstick
Flower jelly lipstick
Aesthetically pleasing
Popular on Instagram
Most beautiful , costly lipstick in the world
Amazon price : Rs 9481 after 29 % discount (  13463 )

The package for this is a pretty, shiny rose gold color. The case looks much nicer than other flower lipsticks on the market. It also smells like peach rings, which is awesome because they're my favorite candy. The flower and gold flecks are so pretty and make it fun to use. The pictures on the website don't seem to show the gold flecks, but they're in the lipstick! The color shows up as a pretty and natural pink color on my lips. It has a slightly oily lip balm texture, which at first is really moisturizing, but over time it actually dries my lips out. It's not a big problem for me because I layer another balm over it and that helps a lot

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