Sunday, May 26, 2019

Menstrual Hygiene day with Loving, Caring and Sharing initiative by Tee Foundation of Dr. Bharati Lavekar

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In our rapidly developing India, millions of females do not use sanitary napkins during menstruation and resort to shocking alternatives like unsterlized cloths, ashes, husk sand due to poverty and ignorance. 28th May 'Menstrual Hygiene Day' is an annual awareness day to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management.

The personal hygiene issue related to menstruation is now widely addressed globally and gaining support from all over the world towards the 'Digital Sanitary Pad Bank’ project. This project aims to break the social taboo around menstruation and also provides free sanitary napkins to poor and needy women. Thousands of women and girls are registered with "Tee Foundation " for their monthly sanitary pads.

Dr. Bharati Lavekar is a MLA of Versova as well as an extra ordinary lady who cares for others in a very loving and understanding manner as a qualified doctor. Since two years ago she started a massive awareness campaign regarding Menstruation hygiene through  her 'Tee foundation; with an unique initiative 'Digital Sanitary Pad Bank’.

According to Dr. Bharati Lavekar the provision of low-cost sanitary pads to poor women is not an enough alternative to the myriad problems they face in menstrual management. Apart from the need for a mechanism for ensuring the quality of products and reducing the exorbitant cost of products, the need is for a change in the attitude towards menstruation.

'Tee foundation's' Sanitary Pad Bank aims to bridge a gap between donors, volunteers and needy poor women. Special thanks do our Prime minister Shree Narendraji Modi for encouraging the Tee Foundation initiative towards menstrual hygiene management. Dr. Bharati Lavekar is awarded with the 'First Women Achievers' Award by the Hon. President of India.

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Every year 28th May 'Menstrual Hygiene Day' aims to bring menstrual hygiene to the forefront of developments in the WASH (WAter, sanitation and hygiene) sector.

Menstrual hygiene management day is a global platform that brings together NGOs, government, private sector, corporate sector, the media and individuals to promote Menstrual Hygiene Management.

Menstruation is a normal biological process and a key sign of reproductive health. Unfortunately, the taboo surrounding menstruation prevents women from articulating their needs. Women and girls, the world over, face numerous challenges and & taboos during menstruation which often portray them as inferior to men. Out of ignorance, shame, stigma and poverty, large number of women use unhygienic practices increasing the risk of reproductive diseases.

Teenage girls are often unable to complete their education because their schools lack basic infrastructure required by menstruating girls. In countries like India women and girls often lack access to basic hygienic sanitary materials.

The healthy discussion must break traditional barriers and lead progressively towards better India. The Government has taken great initiative towards promoting menstrual hygiene, through menstrual hygiene management guidelines under ʻSwach Bharat Abhiyan’


Abhijit Ray said...

Menstrual hygiene is an important issue. Sanitary napkins should be provided at subsidised rate to one and all. The movie done by Akshay Pumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapur gave attention to the issue.

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