Thursday, May 2, 2019

JSW Group enters paints business with JSW Paints to Unify India with its colours

First time in India, Any Colour – One Price
From JSW Paints offers great value to consumers
and ushers price transparency

  • JSW Group is the first Indian conglomerate to enter paints business.
  • JSW Paints is built on thoughtful interventions to make painting Simple. Swift & Sure for consumers.

 India’s leading business conglomerate, JSW Group has entered the paints business in India with JSW Paints. This is part of the Group’s diversification into consumer facing businesses and a historic first time entry of an Indian conglomerate into the organized paints sector. With the launch of its paints business, JSW Group aims to make a comprehensive offering for consumer homes through steel, cement, furniture and now paints.

JSW Paints is a greenfield venture backed by cutting-edge technology, automation and scale that’s comparable to leading players in the sector. The company will manufacture and market both industrial coatings as well as decorative paints. In industrial coatings, JSW Paints commences operations with coil coatings. In the Decorative paints segment, the company will offer a complete range of only water-based paints for Interior & Exterior walls, wood & metal – various surfaces in Homes. According to industry estimates, India’s organized paints industry is expected to cross Rs 50,000 crore by value by 2020 with a CAGR of 15%.  JSW Paints has actively studied the market to understand evolving customer dynamics, need gaps as well as global trends. It aims to be a significant player in the Indian paints sector.

Commenting on the launch of JSW Paints, Mr. Parth Jindal, Managing Director of JSW Paints said, At JSW Paints, we believe that being thoughtful is beautiful. Hence, we have ensured that every aspect of JSW Paints brand has a Never Before Done quality and a promise to deliver true value to our consumers. We have thus thoughtfully taken the path-breaking step to offer Any Colour at One Price in a product, for the first time in India. We hope to be the preferred choice of millennial couples. JSW Paints aims to be the future of colour & painting for Indian homes.

According to Mr. A S Sundaresan, Joint MD & CEO of JSW Paints, “JSW Paints’ Simple Swift & Sure way to painting will go a long way in helping consumers make an informed and confident choice. Our Any Colour One Price ensures consumers great value, ushers price transparency and makes them free to choose colours confidently for their homes. At JSW Paints, we combine excellence in Manufacturing & Marketing, driven by customer insights, to bring about thoughtful innovations that offer tremendous value and are trend setting into the future of paints and painting.
JSW Paints aims to be a thoughtful paint company creating beautiful experiences for its customers. To this effect, its entire business & brand proposition is based on thoughtful interventions across colour, customer assistance, packaging and manufacturing.

  1. Product Range: JSW Paints’ brand promise of Simple, Swift & Sure is delivered through its water-based colours for homes. It’s the only water based paints portfolio in the country. Our Decorative paints uses no solvents and are low on VOC making it totally family-friendly. Even the colourants for tinting the paints are water based and low- VOC. Its consumer portfolio is tested & certified for best performance with, a first time in India, life expectancy indicator of 3, 5 or 7 years. 

  1. Any Colour One Price JSW Paints Colourvista is a curated portfolio of over 1800 shades making it one of the widest & best researched colour range in the Indian market.
JSW Paints aims to unify India with colours with its path-breaking promise of any colour in a product line being offered at one price. This is the first time an Indian paint company is bringing such pricing transparency as a thoughtful intervention to Indian consumers. This removes the opaqueness in colour pricing in the Industry for tinted colours where “colourant cost extra” is charged where every colour in a product-pack has a different price and the difference between colours can be as high as Rs.150 per litre.
  1. Customer Assistance: JSW Paints adds a human touch to its consumer experience. Its Customer Relationship Officer referred to as a JSW Paints Buddy, will be available on ground to assist customers to make an informed choice about products, colours and even to find a contractor if required.

  1. Innovative & Ergonomic Packaging: JSW Paints offers its paints in an innovative & ergonomic, first time rectangular packaging designed to save space, transportation costs and easy to store. The packaging is also easy to use, roller-friendly with an ECO tray accessory to assist application of the colour on home walls.

  1. Manufacturing Capacities: JSW Paints proud to have set up India’s largest and fully automated coil coatings facility with an annual capacity of 25000 KL and state-of-the-art fully automated only water based decorative paints plant in India with 100,000 KL annual capacity. Both manufacturing units are designed to be environment-friendly and are ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) units.

JSW Paints commences its launch in South India from Karnataka (Bengaluru and Hubballi). It expects to complete the roll-out in South and West markets by end Q2FY20 with plans to be a pan-India player within three years. JSW Paints aims to be among top 3 brands in India by 2025 with a market share of 10%.

ABOUT JSW PAINTS: JSW Paints is part of the US$ 13 billion JSW Group. It complements JSW offerings in Steel & Cement to the consumers while building homes. JSW Paints aims to be a thoughtful paint company as it builds its Industrial Coatings & Decorative Paints business. JSW Paints Innovative & Thoughtful disruptions aim to redefine and discover new ways in paints & painting. The company plans to achieve this with prime focus on emerging consumer needs, state-of-the-art-technology, execution excellence and focus on sustainability. JSW Paints as a brand aims to inspire consumers to Think Beautiful as Beautiful Thoughts make the World Beautiful.

ABOUT JSW GROUP: The US$ 13 billion JSW Group played a key role in India's growth story. Ranked among India's top business houses, JSW's innovative and sustainable forays into the core sectors of Steel, Energy, Cement & Infrastructure are helping build a new nation. The Group continues to strive for excellence with its strengths, differentiated product mix, state-of-the-art technology, excellence in execution and focus on sustainability. With a diverse workforce of over 40,000 people, JSW continues to strive for excellence with its strengths, which comprises its differentiated product mix, state-of-the-art technology, excellence in execution and focus on sustainability.

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