Friday, June 8, 2018

La Birra Cosmetics from Thailand Organic Way Of Life

La Birra ( by Rai Boon Chaluay ) creates amazingly natural & organic cosmetics with the ingredients from their own farms which are beneficial in daily lives. Raw materials from Rai Boon Chaluey farm are certified by Thailand Organic farming standard of GMP and Halan. 

Rai Boon Chaluay was founded for the purpose of eating healthy and natural for better health in our daily life. The best products emerge from the Earth. All Rai Boon Chaluay products are organic. They are rich in tradition , value , and effectiveness 
La Birra products are available at Tops Supermarket and online through their website  

Organic Kaffir Lime Shampoo:
Gently cleanses and detoxes the scalp, stimulates hair pigmentation to restore natural black hair, reduces hair loss , reduces scalp oil, reduces dandruff-itching.

Organic Aloe Vera Shower Gel :

Reduces damages caused by UV rays and restores moisture for naturally soft skin. It is enriched with enzymes, amino acids and Vitamin E & Vitamin C to reduce skin wrinkles.

Honey Herbal Cleansing Gel :

Contains the antioxidant, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. It helps slow down the degeneration of skin cell, protects the skin from UV Sun-rays, suitable for sensitive skin , maintains youthful skin, protects from all day activities and smoke. 

Organic Fuk Kao - Premium Rose -Body lotion :

It rejuvenates soft, smooth skin and protects skin from UV rays, prevents premature ageing, helps blood circulation and makes skin naturally pink


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