Friday, June 29, 2018

HGH India unveils Home Fashion and Lifestyle Trends 2018 – 2019

 HGH India 2018, India`s largest trade-show for home textiles, home décor, house ware and gifts – designed exclusively for the professional and trade visitors – presented the latest trends forecast by it in home fashion and lifestyle at a press conference in Mumbai. Conceptualized and implemented by the internationally renowned design office Sahm + Permantier, the trend, under the title ‘Transition’,reflect the influence of social, lifestyle and technological changes in the Indian home products market in 2018 – 19.

The predicted trends are derived from intense research on colours, materials and patterns as well as on changing consumer values, lifestyle, evolving technology and attitudes. The trend book  helps manufacturers, brands, retailers and professionals in home business to connect their products and innovations to the aspirational Indian consumers who see their home as an expression of their lifestyle and evolving culture.
The Four Trends for 2018-19 are:
So Funky at Home:It is the most dynamic and optimistic trend, gritty and upbeat. This trend is open for the patchwork of life. A lot of inspiration for wallpapers and textiles is based on industrial materials: mesh and grid structures displayed with a wide range effects, including layers. The prevailing patterns under this trend are wild stripes, scratched tapes, wavy and zigzags, bold typography elements and comic strip aesthetics. For textiles and objects, transparency effects are of interest as foils and vinyl, coloured transparent plastic and LED light décor. Vibrant colours are combined with black and white; neon colours give a striking accent.
Soft shades of Nature:An atmosphere of privacy and spa, cosy and comfort is created through this trend. The upholstery is held in fine textures for a relaxing upscale ambiance. Gentle colour fading, laces, net,  shiny silk, metallic yarn effects and sequins work are displayed mainly in floral décor. Walls are gently coloured, soft shadings of warm pink to violet create a subtle sensitive atmosphere, highlighted by sand and beige tones. Beds are laid in gracious and comforting colours transmitting clearness and light. Soft yellow and green accents recover the feeling of gentle sunshine and nature. A special note is given by gold and pastel metallic shine accessories, leaving the rooms with a delicate scent.
Collector's Chamber: The visitor is welcomed by dark mysterious and velvety colours, possibly held in umbra and bronze shades, to enter the most private rooms of the collector type. The collector's chamber displays an intellectual understanding of interior decoration with a hint of drama and eccentricity. Patterns are modern and geometric, but may also show opulent floral ornaments and high fashion jungle prints in rather dark colours, highlighted in sand and pale green. A lot of velvet, rich jacquard and textured fabrics are introduced as being newly inspired by nature. Huge green plants or dark tinted wallpaper with blue-greenish vegetable design or bed linen indiscreet greens escort the mind into epicurean spheres of a connoisseur.
Smart Bohemians: Ethnic references in the manner of heritage chic are mixed with the freshness of Scandinavian style or comfortable and smart lifestyle, making the perfect match for a joyous and modern family. Ecological commitment is present against  casual décor offering a hint of surprising harmony. The aesthetics of handmade products are applied to all kind of consumer goods. The revival of ornamental styles of ceramic tiles as well as traditional block print motives are expressed in patterns of wallpaper, home textile and table ware. Light coloured wood and all kind of natural looking materials give a relaxed and young signature to the everyday hardcore family use of interiors. Accents are given to real basketry, hand work and furniture for daily use. Eco-friendly materials and more products from renewable primary sources are transmitting a new philosophy of environmental protection which today's children are imbibing in themselves.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Arun Roongta. Managing Director, HGH India, said,“The Trend Book is an attempt to help manufactures and brands design products which will appeal to the modern consumers.retailers use these to source relevant products that see demand in the market and quick acceptance amongst  the home shoppers . At HGH India 2018, the trends pavilion will showcase a manifestation of ‘Transition’ which will uphold all the elements of ‘So Funky at Home’, ’Soft Shades of Nature’,‘Collector’s Chamber’ and ‘Smart Bohemian’in four different sections. We look forward to the trends setting a theme for the industry which will be seen in homes through the 2018-19 retail season.”
The trends forecast in ‘Transition’ are also available compiled in a trend book,They have a physical manifestation at a generously dimensioned special area in HGH India 2018 named the Trends Pavilion in Hall 1. The Trends Pavilion is not an abstract concept of future trends but applicable designs and colours which can be replicated. The innovative and fashionable styles, textures and products used in the trends pavilion are sourced from exhibitors, who are showcasing their products at the trade show, emphasizing the utilitarian objective of the showcased trends.
HGH India 2018, India’s largest trade show for home textiles, home décor, house ware and gifts is being held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre from July 3-5, 2018. The trade show houses products from over 600 brands and manufacturers from 30 countries.It expects a footfall of 30,000 serious trade visitors from over 475 cities and towns across India.


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