Thursday, October 5, 2017

Paranoia a spine-chilling thriller series launched by Hoichoi


Hoichoi launches ‘Paranoia’ – a spine-chilling thriller series
·        Witness the deadly tricks of a terrorized mind in Lift
·        Find out how a missed alarm pushes a man over the edge inShoshibhushon

Paranoia, a compilation of short-format thrillers, is now live on Hoichoi, world’s largest digital Bengali entertainment content platform. Paranoia is a collection of different short stories under Hoichoi Originals that deals with various psychological disorders and treats them accordingly.

Hoichoi, recently launched by SVF, Eastern India's largest entertainment company, has the largest collection of content in Bengali, including 500 plus movies, 10 original web series and shorts. 1000+ songs to be added soon in the app.

Even though each story in the series has a different tale to tell, Paranoia remains the connecting theme. Currently, two stories, Lift andShoshibhushon, are live on Hoichoi in the Paranoia series.

Lift Poster

Lift is about a renowned journalist called Nandita, who has recently moved to her new apartment on the 25th floor of a city high-rise. Newly built and almost unoccupied, Nandita feels uneasy about staying there. Wracked by paranoia, Nandita feels unsafe, with the liftman Kartik staring at her, his gaze unblinking, every time she uses the Lift

Her dislike of him intensifies when the elevator gets stuck one night between two floors and the light goes out with Nandita and Kartik inside.

Will Nandita's paranoia about Kartik be justified?

The second story Shoshibhushon revolves around a disciplined man Shoshi Babu. His life falls apart one day when everything goes out of control for him and things do not work according to his plan. Renowned director Kamaleshwar Mukherjee has donned the hat of an actor here playing the protagonist.

Currently six original web series and shorts: - Hello, Cartoon, Dupur Thakurpo, Holy Faak, Lift and Shoshibhushon are streaming on Hoichoi.

Hoichoi is the world’s largest digital content platform exclusively for Bengalis. It showcases the best in Bengali entertainment content with Original Web Series, over 500 movies and more than 1000 songs in its repertoire. Founded in 2017, it is SVF New Media's maiden venture. Hoichoi is headed by Co-Founder Vishnu Mohta who is also the Executive Director, SVF.
Apart from a vast Content Library, AD free Seamless Viewing Experience with unlimited HD video streaming and Multi-Device Capability are important features of Hoichoi. It is available for download on Android and iOS and supports viewing across all popular platforms - Mobiles, PCs, Laptops and Tablets. It is also Chromecast and AirPlay enabled and will be coming soon on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.
Hoichoi is available for download on iTunes - and Android -

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