Monday, August 14, 2017

Maharaja Bhog Premium Veg Thali - Lower Parel

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Majestic Treat for Eyes as well as for Taste buds #MaharajaBhog at #LowerParel

We Indians have a Desi wisdom about gauging the fame of family. We measure it by the lots of foot-wares in the front-yard of a home. More the foot-wares, means the family is more Famous for it's Hospitality. Based on this same principle, How to judge the popularity of any restaurant or of any business?. More crowded the restaurant then it must be authentic, excellent & Magnificent.  

I am sure the above photograph clicked candidly by me depicts the immense popularity of brand 'Maharaja Bhog' in it's full glory. Believe me this scene greets you whenever you visit it either at Lunch or Dinner time. I was pleasantly surprised , when I received the special invite by newly launched 'Maharaja Bhog'  ( Lower Parel ) , to indulge in a scrumptious meal.

The prime location of majestic 'Maharaja Bhog', being bang on the Senapati Bapat Road, Lower Parel sorts out many issues. Curiously, it's located on the exact corner of the street, which houses famous restaurants chains of Zaffran , Sweetish house Mafia , The Barking Deer , Summer House Cafe, Cafe Zoe etc. Yes , you read it right and still it was House-full by the time we left it at 9 pm, even on Thursday.

Once you enter the restaurant you are greeted with ' Namaskar '. The palatial ambiance with huge crystal white chandeliers , ancient sikka murals , Marble-White hued opulent sofas, carved, comfy, cushioned, wooden chairs, spaced out tables loaded with large thalis containing many small katoris ( bowls ) , shining silver cutlery ... transforms you into the Maharaja .... instantly. An attendant comes up to you with a silver thali adorned with small ivory statue of Kamdhenu , Tulsi leaves and few coins. The noble cause is 'Maharaja Bhog' donates Rs. 1 per thali to a charity organization.

Those wishing to have Bohri style meal with Family / Friends can opt for this gigantic version of community thali. Now , that you have chosen your own version, the attendant brings an artistically filigreed Surai and big basin to your seat to clean your hands.

Maharaja Bhog offers 30 different menus on 30 days , so you may visit again & again and still get to enjoy variety of feasts, every other day. The Thali is competitively priced as INR. 550 and INR. 250 ( for kids ). Their specialty is Gujarathi , Marwari cuisine with additional regional dishes to balance. Welcome drink, the Kesar ( Saffron ) Sarbat, works wonderfully as a mouth freshener too.

Join us, let's start our food journey in Royal Mood with Sindhi specialty Dal Pakwan Tadka topped with chutneys, diced onion, tomato in a chat style. Generally, I am finicky about variety of foods and still loved Methi Leela Kanda Muthiya with Bajra Rotla. Three types of Indian breads were served including Fulka and  Kaddu Palak Kanda Thepla. The KPK thepla tasted amazing with chutney / pickle / raita too. The pure ghee utilization for all Maharaja Bhog food-preps adds ghar ka swaad (an unique homely flavor ) and charm. 

Service with smile and personified politeness is the finest funda of Maharaja Bhog staff, right from the attendants to the managers. As soon as you finish any kind of food in your thali, the attendants rush to fill it up as per your wish. All throughout your dining at Maharaja Bhog, you feel like you are feasting at your family function where you are pampered deliciously. 

The tasty treat goes on and on with One Steamed and One Fried Farsan : Farali green peas pattice, Bhujiya Cheese Roll and Cabbage PatraFour types of Vegetables : Matar Paneer, Methi Leela Kanda Muthiya, Aloo Patal Bhaji, Kismis Wak daal, Two types of Indian Dals : Rajasthani Dal ( spicy ) and Gujurati Dal ( sweet ), Two types of Kadhi : Rajasthani Kadhi ( spicy ) and Gujurati Kadhi ( sweet ) , Two types of Sweet dishes ( for us : Sitaphal Basundi and Mohan Thal Halwa ) on Weekdays and Three Different types of Sweet Dishes on Weekends , Poppadums , Two types of Chutneys , Salad , Two types of Pickles , Two types of Rice : Steam Rice and Khichdi with Ghee/ butter , Masala Paan , Chaas ( garnished buttermilk ).

Now that I have experienced this Splendid Maharaja Bhog treat , I am eager to repeat it soon with my family at the Infinity Mall - Malad. Please let me know about your Royal treats.  Till then stay tuned to ' Spirit of Mumbai' for the next best review. 


Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Wow !!!! This sound many items there. Hope will visit one day.

Tomichan Matheikal said...

Indeed a Maharaja treat!

rupam sarma said...

Great :) Thanks for the post.


Yes , it's Royal WOW. Maharaja Bhog is children's fantasy world for both children & adults. I am sure you would enjoy with family / friends. Better , visit on a week-day to get the seats.


Maharaja Treat at Maharaja Bhog for all of us commoners to enjoy like Royalty .


You are most welcome Rupam , to the Majestic Maharaja Bhog.