Friday, August 18, 2017

InstaSpect from ICICI Lombard General Insurance for Faster claim settlement

Just the thought of claiming Insurance drives us crazy. We buy the Insurance policy to safeguard our pet asset, our favorite vehicle. We keep on paying the premiums to ensure its long life. One fine day, I mean horrible day , if we meet with an accident , all hell breaks loose as we are suffering from the loss / damage to our pet car. Instead of nursing our wounds , we have to run from pillar to post to raise the claim. We keep on phoning the agent to arrange for inspection of the damaged vehicle , ascertaining the cost of repairs, loads of documents in quadruplicates to be submitted , final approval of the claim and most importantly excruciating stress. These are some of the most important reasons, which make us wary while taking Vehicle insurance. Which company will be worthy to invest in for our favorite vehicles's safety ? 

So friends, now REST ... and Invest in a company which fulfills what it promises instantly. Here's the great news :
ICICI Lombard General Insurance launched ‘InstaSpect’ India’s first live video inspection feature for faster motor insurance claims approvals 

Key features:

 On- the spot vehicle inspection
 Reduced waiting time
 Clarity on coverage and deductions
 Greater transparency
 Assistance with vehicle pick-up services
 Faster claim settlement

ICICI Lombard's InstaSpect – India’s first live video inspection feature for motor insurance claims , allows customers to raise an instant claim via the ICICI Lombard ‘insure’ mobile app.
The customer has to simply stream a live video of the damaged vehicle to an ICICI Lombard claims manager. The claims manager assesses the damage through the video and informs the customer about the extent of liability, documentation and further process involved. The customer can accept the claims manager’s assessment of the damage enabling the claims manager to immediately approve the claim and initiate the vehicle damage repair process.

To understand the level of acceptance of its ‘InstaSpect’ feature, the company had undertaken a survey of over 810 vehicle users in the 25-55 age group. The findings revealed that 94% respondents liked the concept and were keen to use the application; 37% appreciated the on-spot claim assistance process while 26% mentioned that it will bring down the survey time. In an encouraging sign, half of the respondents found the feature, new and interesting.

For a hassle-free claim settlement, a customer needs to open InstaSpect on the ‘insure’ app and click on the ‘InstaSpect’ option which connects to the claims manager. The claims manager guides the customer to do the live video streaming and advises him/ her on how to take the video of specific damaged areas and upload the same along with the policy documents. The manager then provides the policyholder with a rough estimate of the damage and the liability. The details and approvals are sent to the workshop even as the car is being transported there. The entire claim approval process takes a few hours, much
lesser than a normal claim process.

Speaking at the launch of the new solution, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard General Insurance said, “At ICICI Lombard, we have always strived to challenge the status quo and provide the best in class experience to our customers by using the latest technology solutions. Through this new age
motor insurance claims feature ‘InstaSpect’ on our 'insure' app, we have made the claims approval process far more efficient and hassle free for the benefit of our customers." Using InstaSpect, a customer can intimate a claim through 4 simple steps

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