Tuesday, December 30, 2014


             Our social organization had organized a big Career-fest. There were flurry of primary discussions with various dignitaries, institutes, clients, students, professors, sponsors etc. The chief of Organizing committee, P.R.O. Mr. Sagar was constantly busy on phone chalking out the meetings with them all. He had not met many of them personally as it was the first time he was organizing a career-fest. 

             Sagar Sir was a charming smooth talker ,so naturally everybody , with whom he had a phone conversation , was eager to meet him personally. Sir's hospitality was legendary so he invited them all one by one for a personal meeting in our office and arranged for high-teas. 

              The first to arrive for a career-fest meeting was Prof. Ms. Dixit of Mumbai's most chick college. She had promised to assign a few of her talented students for the volunteer committee. I was spellbound when Prof. Dixit entered the cabin after a gentle knock on cabin-door. 

               Had I been either Ranveer or Arjun , I might have whistled ' Tune maari jo enteriyaan ...' . But alas I was a lady P.R. Coordinator working for a reputed social organisation , so I had a strict decorum to observe. I managed to contain my enthusiasm in an ear to ear smile. " You are most welcome ma'am. Sir would like to have a select few students of your college on volunteer-committee. Now, Sir will finalize the details about honorarium " , I was alluding the professor Ms. Dixit, to discuss that with our P.R.O. Mr. Sagar .She refused to even look in his direction after a cold " Hello Sir , how are you ?" 

             Sir was sitting in an executive chair facing us both, listening with baffled expression on his Shravan-beard face. After a few minutes of uneasy silence ,sir passed me a note regarding the honorarium and I discussed the same with Prof. Dixit. She agreed to all Terms and Conditions promptly and happily. But she left Sir's cabin without a customary tea. The ever hospitable Sagar Sir felt a pang of rejection. If only it had not been the month of Shravan, Sagar Sir, would have been Gillette-shaven. God alone knows, what would have happened next ... 

              Shravan is considered a holy month in the Hindu calendar. Many Hindus practice vegetarian diet. Some people don't cut hair in this month while a few don't shave at all in the Shravan. Our P.R.O. is among those few sporting  Shravan-beard. 

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