Saturday, December 27, 2014


    Itani shakti hame dena dataa, mann ka vishwaas kamjor ho naa !

                Hum chale nek rastepe humse , bhoolkar bhee koi bhool ho naa !

              The morning school prayer was over and the first period was in full swing, when we reached the school. The peon led us , latecomers to the Principal's cabin. We were six in all, we the Pandav ( gang of five school girls ) and a boy from other class. The boy was quite infamous for his bluntness. He blurted that , he was half way to the school and suddenly he could not control his bowel movement , so he had to return home. He even had a sweet excuse for his rush. He had eaten 2 Besan-laddus. The principal scrunched her nose and asked him to join the class. We were fascinated by the boy's story but did not dare to repeat it for obvious reason.    

               " Just give me one reason ,why all five of you are late in school ? It must be because of one. Who is that one ? Why was she late? The lunch was not ready ? Was she so engrossed in studies that she lost the sense of time ? Just because the fault of one , why four others should suffer ? This is not fair. Just tell me who is the defaulter and her reason. The remaining four can go in the class." our principal was angry with us Pandav  for being 15 minutes late in school but she had not raised her voice yet. 

                Instead of scolding us she was actually giving us an option , to tell an excuse. All 5 of us were searching the floor-tiles for an inspiration to whip up a lie, which could be acceptable and cool her down. The problem was, only one of us, Pappyaa had guts to utter a lie in front of the principal and she was baffled by Principal's sympathetic approach. 

                Cigarette! Yeah the real reason for our late was cigarette-packets , which we were collecting for a contest organised by a famous cigarette brand. We were supposed to send 50 ( 10 * 5 Pandav ) empty cigarette-packets to the company's HQ with an attractive slogan as a contest entry. The prizes were very enticing eg. cycles , school bags , calculators , encyclopedias , chocolate-hampers etc. The real dampeners were our fathers. None of them drink or smoke so we had to collect the packets discarded by other's fathers.   Our mission cigarette-packet-collection had gathered momentum and we forgot about mundane school timings. 

                " Girls, you are wasting time. Either YOU yourselves tell me the reason for late or I will send letters to your parents demanding the same." That was an ultimatum, cause we could not face our parents with our cigarette-packet-collection. We repeated sorry, sorry  but the principal was adamant. Our self-appointed leader Pappyaa deserted us in the crisis and kept mum. 

                Suddenly , the most modest among us Pandav, Sandhya broke the silence with " Madam , we are extremely sorry for being late. This won't happen again. We will throw away the cigarette-packets collected till now so that we don't have to collect the remaining. From now onward , we will concentrate only on studies. This is a promise." The principal was saucer-eyed-speechless , breathless for a whole minute as if she could not fathom what she was hearing. 

             " Cigarette ? My students roaming the streets, collecting cigarette-packets ? How could you ? How ... dare you confess such insanity? Go home , Send your parents "- the principal was shouting so loudly that the teachers from adjoining staff-room barged in. Why , oh why Sandhya had to be such a righteous Mahatma Gandhi ? It' super-duper-hit to do a Bapugiri in Munnabhai , but in the real world it's FLOP. 

              Sandhya held her fort with " Madam , please pardon us only once. We will be model students henceforth. We promise to study so hard, that you will invite our parents for annual felicitation." That grandeur promise combined with Sandhya's honest demeanor won Principal's maternal heart.

             Are you still wondering , whether this is a true story or a fiction ? Would you like to know , what happened to that girl , Sandhya ? Well , her door boasts of the nameplate : Dr. Sandhya Kadam ( M. D. )  

Kitna DUM hota hai na sachchai mein.

This post is written as part of Happy Hour activity with CocaCola  Kinley and IndiBlogger 

  Kinley 2014 TVC


Rajeev Moothedath said...

Beautifully written Sujatha!.School days are the best days...


Thanks Rajeev. It's the truth School days are best with Best Friends. I am lucky to be having them forever.

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