Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mr. Zuralh

               "Aey you, Ponytail , get out. No more ponytails in my school."- bellowed Mr. ZuralhMr. Zuralh was our P.T. Sir / Instructor. He spent most of the P.T. time in searching for the girls with ponytails, shouting and sending them home. We hardly got any time to play or exercise on the school-playground. 

            We, the girls hated Mr. Zuralh so much , that we forgot his real name and referred him by the nickname Zuralh. Zuralh means cockroach in Marathi. He had wild, bushy mustache, which was always frizzy. Whenever he spotted a pony-tailed girl his mustache-antennae would bristle. He transformed into a Wolfe, ready to pounce. 

             Many of us, who had short hair, tried to braid it but alas , it was impossible. We dreaded going to school , whenever we had a P.T. period. Our heads would ache , our legs would sprain, our shoulders would freeze, our stomachs would grumble at the mere mention of Zuralh

             Zuralh was a strict disciplinarian, OK , fine. But why his discipline targeted girls only ? He never punished the boys for long, unkempt Bachchan-cuts. He never shouted at boys for pranks. 

             Zural's general appearance was attractive with fit body, height, thick hair, wheatish complexion and tip-top dressing. But he looked cruel with his bushy, handlebar mustache. He could not impress his crush, his lady-love, our Chemistry-teacher Rozy. You guessed it right Rozy was not her real name. She was delicate and beautiful , just like a rose-bud so naturally we nicknamed her Rozy. Rozy hated the sight of Zuralh. She wrinkled her pretty nose at Zural's back. She joined our Zuralh-hating party silently. The biggest irony is Rozy could not braid her hair as she sported a bob-cut. 

              Rozy married her Gillette-shaven, college sweetheart and went on honeymoon to Kashmir. Rozy resumed the school after a long vacation, resplendent in a Magenta paithani and exquisite jewelry. She blushed and she dazzled in her bridal glory as a newly wed. All of us were happy to see her except the Zuralh. Next day we the girls were ecstatic with joy. Why ? cause Zuralh left the school and returned to his native village. 

            The breaking news : Zuralh has joined his father's farming and keeps himself busy with braiding the tails of cows and buffaloes 

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pa1 said...

Till the end I didn't realize it was for Gillete Avtivity . ha ha :D .
Good writing


Hi Pavan , Welcome to "Spirit of Mumbai"
Thanks 4 d compliment. What do u suggest , should I have mentioned Gillette, to win the brownie points ? Please be frank. I need d suggestions.

Ananya said...

Great post!
Would u like2follow each other on GFC ?



Good Morning and Thanks Ananya.
Yes Sure , I would like to follow u.

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