Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Irish man hits the road for India


Raising Funds for underprivileged children – Bombay YMCA – Boys Home
Jonathan Burke, born and reared in Ireland, will be walking a jaw dropping 545 kms in the month of September, the distance between Indian cities from Pune to Hyderabad, to raise much needed funds for the Bombay YMCA - Boys Home where 55 orphan children stay from the age of 4 -18 years. The YMCA focuses on bringing social justice and peace to the youth of India and is one of the largest and youth-focused charities in the world.

India was unfortunately one of the worst affected countries by the corona virus and the people are still deeply impacted with the aftermath. There are many great Irish efforts to support charities in India which highlights the special connection between the two great nations.

Jonathan is no stranger to India; he has travelled to many states over the past 13 years and considers it his home away from home. Jonathan calls himself an Irish man with an Indian soul. He is the Managing Director of the India Operations of a Cork (Ireland) based Tech company and spends up to 6 months living in India each year.

Jonathan recently walked a marathon over the month of July and raised substantial funds for the Irish Cancer Society. He now wants to take on the incredible challenge of walking over 25,000 steps every day in the month of September to raise much needed funds for the charity that is so close to his heart in India.

People will be able to follow Jonathan’s tough journey throughout the month of September on his Instagram page, Foreigner_in_India. Jonathan originally started the page to showcase the incredible culture and hospitality of the Indian people that he has enjoyed over the years. A veteran of 50+ trips to the country, he shows followers the best places to eat, hotel tips and how to get around the large cities he frequents.

Jonathan will do a symbolic run from the JW Marriott, Juhu to the YMCA Boys Home, at D.N. Nagar, Andheri, a distance of approx. 3 kms on Monday, 20th September 2021 stating 3 pm IST. Five Children from Boys Home will also run along with Jonathan to give him company. Former Olympian, Eddie Sequeira will be the Guest of Honour on the occasion and will receive and welcome Jonathan Burke on his arrival at the Boys Home.

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YMCA website: www.ymcabombay.org

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