Thursday, August 16, 2018

With 40,000 farmers downloading Siddhi in Month 1, DestaGlobal to revolutionise agriculture

       96% of farmers found agri-inputs cheaper n the app, App looks to touch 1,00,000 downloads over this quarter

 Leading agritech and agri e-commerce startup, DestaGlobal today announced that their farmer app, aimed at improving the lives of farmers across the nation, had touched 40,000+ downloads within a month of its launch. More than 70% of the farmers are not aware of the prices of products they need to buy, and many a times they end up paying more. The app aims to bridge that gap and provide agri-input products at 10-15% cheaper than the market.

The app has a schemes page where farmers check prices and special offers on products they need at dealers near him. The knowledge section allows farmers to upload their farming related best practices and see what other farmers are sharing. Also, part of the app is a survey section that allows Desta to reach out to farmers and understand their pulse better. The brand is currently connected to 2,50,000 farmers and more than 1,200 dealers across Maharashtra.

Dealers in turn have also taken very strongly to the app, as it allows them to place orders with manufacturers basis products demanded by farmers from their region, insights on popular products and other product recommendations on the app. The aim is to help reduce sales returns, which today account for approximately 30% of sales value in certain categories such as seeds. Dealers on the DestaGlobal system have been able to liquidate 45% of the season’s stock within a month of the launch of Desta Siddhi.
The app also proactively suggests products to farmers and dealers basis real-time buying data which the app churns at the backend, helping understand which products are in demand in which region, as well as direct farmer reviews and feedback.

Currently launched in Maharashtra, DestaGlobal plans to take the app international this year. Speaking of the download numbers, Siddhartha Choudhary, CEO, DestaGlobal opined, “We’ve seen phenomenal pickup for the app, with around 40,000 downloads so far. We see downloads reaching 1,00,000 over the coming month. If all goes according to plan, we intend to launch across the nation. With the best discounts on offer for the farmers and the dealers, there is scope to save INR 137 crore for the Indian farmer community, in the next few years. In fact, we have an Independence Week Shopping Festival, going live from the 16th August, in which we are celebrating 72 years of Independence by giving upto 72% discounts for the dealers and farmers across Maharashtra.”

Recommendations the app shares with farmers are based on the trends in product purchase in the region, seasonal changes, past buying history, new products launched / launching in the  region. Farmers can see on the app how far from their location these products are available and at what price. The app is currently available in Marathi and English and maps the farming community across Maharashtra. For further information, please visit DestaGlobal or download the app from Google Play.

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