Saturday, December 2, 2017

Miss Transqueen glorified by Miss Wow’s Initiative

Miss Wow is a beauty pageant that was started in 2014 and has been conducting competitions every year since then with the process of finding and highlighting contemporary and modern talent for the fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry. This pageant is not only conducted to pose beauty of a women but to crown the one who is a combination of Beauty with Brains. During the selection process, the founder of Ms. Wow 2017, Mr. Ornob Moitra thought of an initiative which was rarely thought about. Whenever such beauty pageants come into existence, most of them have always chose glamour over social responsibility.

Miss Wow has its arms stretched out all over the country and would like to give a platform to exhibit respect for the transgender community. This is not the first time Miss Wow has been responsible to initiate a social endeavor. Since 2014 they have initiated social undertakings like Save water, Anti Tobacco & Helping Dyslexic Children Campaigns.

Miss Wow’s ‘Respect Transgender Initiative’ and achieving their overwhelmed gratitude, Ms. Nitasha Biswas (Miss Transqueen 2017) graced the event held in Coffee Culture in Bandra by announcing dates of Miss Wow 2017 which would be held in Surat on 24th of December. “We are blessed to have good people in the fashion and entertainment industry who offers us different platform to uplift our community. I am proud of myself coz I have made me the person whom I wanted to be and not who others want me to be.” – says Nitasha modestly. Mrs. Reena Rai (founder and chairperson of Suhani Dream Catchers Pvt Ltd) shared a predominantly informative discussion on the Current Initiative of Miss Wow.

Komal Chandel (Miss Wow 2016) flaunted her crown and narrated her journey in Miss Wow. She repeatedly mentioned how difficult was it to win with such high expectations from the judges and the show. “The period post Miss Wow 2016 was charismatic and glamorous. Looks like this year would be a much tougher competition for women to even be the finalist.” –says Komal felicitiously. She concluded with few tips to the participants.

As the online registration of Miss Wow is still on, the founders were seen flaunting on the current year’s criteria and eligibility. “
Candidate must have qualities that inspire and empower the country. The winner doesn’t only get crowned but avails bright future in the fashion and entertainment industry.” – says Mr. Ornob Moitra.


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MartenJames said...

Miss Wow has its arms stretched out all over the country and would like to give a platform to exhibit respect for the transgender community.
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