Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Say Cheep and Be Happy

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Wow ... Superb ... Marvelous ! I wish I could stay here forever. I am not alone, all of us dream about lovely, sweet, clean, perfectly functioning homes. In real life, we are burdened with so many household problems daily that our dreams  turn into nightmares. Now, say 'Cheep' , cause this news will be #MakingHomesHappy forever, for sure. India’s first Consumer-to-Consumer home services mobile app, Cheep is launched by global entrepreneur, Dr. Diwan Rahul Nanda of TOPSGRUP 

The core philosophy of Dr. Diwan Rahul Nanda is 'Why Worry when we have Cheep to chip in for all kind of household services' . Cheep shows the way. Good House-keeping is just a click away.

After consolidating a household position for TOPSGRUP, as the largest and most trusted security services group in India, Group Chairman, Dr. Diwan Rahul Nanda has entered into the consumer-to-consumer segment with the launch of an On Demand Home Services marketplace app called CHEEP, in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru on 23rd May 2017.

CHEEP is a one-stop solution. It brings consumers and home service professionals together on a single technology driven platform to empower users to find any home service at the tap of a button. “Why work, when there’s CHEEP? . Cheep bridges the gap between consumers and home care services with the trustworthy and skilled professionals, who attend to Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Cleaners, Tutors, Fitness Trainers, Baby Sitters, etc.

“ Time is pretty precious in Metros. People are already drained with the taxing responsibilities at office and towards the family, finding trusted, qualified and verified domestic services tend to add to the stress and eat into your quality family time. We ask a simple question, “Why work, when there’s CHEEP? We bridge the gap between consumers and home care services with our trustworthy and skilled professionals, who attend to Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, Cleaners, Tutors, Fitness Trainers, Baby Sitters, etc. I’m proud to announce that CHEEP is here to ensure that household chores are no more a woe.” says Dr. Nanda, Group Chairman and Founder, CHEEP.


An interactive app CHEEP lists a wide range of service providers, it displays genuine user feedback and ratings, helping users make an informed decision of choosing the right professional. “The idea behind the app is to provide genuine and safe services at your fingertips and ensuring consumers are stress free. All you need to do is select from the listed services, post a task, tell us when and where the task needs to be done, get instant quotes from our service professionals. We enable our users to scan through individual profiles of listed service providers, take a look at their work history and reviews, speak directly with the service professionals and book the task once they are happy with their choice.” explains Rasshi Nanda, Vice President Marketing & Co-Founder of CHEEP

CHEEP is backed by the country’s foremost security services company, TOPSGRUP.  It's an unique platform connecting users to hundreds of verified skilled professionals including carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and more, in their area. Taking the service a step forward, the app allows users to chat with service providers in a secure window where they can also share photographs to explain the issue better and discuss the scope of work. Online payment methods make the process transparent and nullify the need for cash transactions, making it further secure. 
Addressing the users’ hesitation of dealing with new service providers, every engagement via CHEEP app comes with an insurance cover, in case of unforeseen damages at the time of the task. They also provide legal liability and fidelity insurance to all users and provide insurance against accidents/death for all PROs.

CHEEP,  ensures ultimate security with thorough background checks of all its professionals. “With CHEEP, we are guaranteeing not only skilled professionals, but also a sense of security and safety to our consumers. Being part of the TOPSGRUP lineage enables us to ensure that each and every of our 15,000 service professional is completely screened and only verified professionals are registered on the App and allowed to interact with our consumers. In addition, the App also has an inbuilt Alert feature that allows women and elderly people to call for help if they sense any threat or danger from any of our professionals at their homes. On receiving an alert in our Command and Control Centre (CCC), our trained emergency response teams at TOPSGRUP instantly react and respond to the alert and ensure that the consumer is safe at all times. Safety of our consumers is the topmost priority for all of us at CHEEP” says Viraat Saxena, CEO, CHEEP India. 


Dr Diwan Rahul Nanda, Group Chairman and Founder, CHEEP added that “CHEEP is currently available in 7 cities in India with effect from today and by mid-August, we will be operational in 20 cities in our Country. Our vision is to take CHEEP all over the world. We have immediate plans to launch CHEEP in Abu Dhabi, Dhaka, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore this year in 2017 and take CHEEP to Europe, Canada and Australia in 2018”. The app will be available in India from 23rd May 2017 and can be downloaded free from App Store and Google Play. More information is available on the website -

 CHEEP's parent company TOPSGRUP: 
With employee strength of over 130,000, TOPSGRUP stands as the largest Indian security services group. Over the past 46 years, it has developed a roster of over 9500 client units across 250 offices with strong long standing relationship with over 98% who have been customers for over 30 years and has won numerous awards including India’s most trusted Security Services Brand by ‘The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2014’.


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Nice to know this

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These homes services will surely revolutionise and streamline the unorganised labour services which have varying rates and dupe people by charging high amount and provide little service. In this regard House Joy is also into home care services and doing a great job.


Absolutely, Cheep by DR. Diwan Rahul Nanda is Blessings to all of us .