Monday, May 22, 2017

Bravo , Braava Jet !

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" Let's go shopping for the mid-season sale! " I exclaimed excitedly on land line to my sister  expecting a cheerful ' Yay '. Instead her tearful ' Nay ' dampened my mighty Mumbai-spirit and concerned sibling-love. " Are you all right ? What's wrong with your voice ?".  She sobbed some more and then what followed was Love-Hate relationship story of  99.99% Mumbaikars. 

BAE  = Before Anyone Else = Maid in Mumbai = Unpredictable domestic help whom you pay for holidays rather than for actual work. Bae demands leaves for anyone under the Sun and even for the neighbors who are no more on the Earth. I am sure you got the gist. We need the maids / domestic helps for daily mopping / sweeping / swabbing of kitchens , bathrooms etc. We pay for their services and still don't get the job done.


Enough of your woeful Bae stories, give us solution , you all are thinking aloud , right ? Here's the sure-fire solution ,  " Say Hi to Braava & Bye to Bai ".

Puresight Systems, the official distributor of iRobot in India launched iRobot Braava jet mopping robot in India. Designed to mop and sweep hard floor surfaces, Braava jet tackles dirt and stains in small spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms. Get Cleaner floors, Fresher home, Every day with Braava Jet !

“As iRobot continues its push to address significant opportunities within the connected home, we are very excited to bring Braava jet to the Indian market,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. “This is a significant milestone as we are now able to offer cloud connected features across multiple product lines and a more accessible price point for a Roomba with mapping capabilities and cloud connected features. With more than 15 million robots sold worldwide, iRobot will continue to build upon its connected robot technologies moving forward, allowing for an enhanced customer experience and for our products to play a larger role within the smart home.”

iRobot Braava jet cuts through the mess of day-to-day life and delivers fresh, clean floors every day in rooms up to 25m2 . Priced at Rs.19,900, Braava jet combines a compact design, Vibrating Cleaning Head, Precision Jet Spray and Braava jetTM Cleaning Pads to lift dirt and stains , even in hard-to-reach places, like under kitchen cabinets and around toilets.

Moving in an efficient pattern, Braava jet deftly maneuvers around obstacles in its path and cleans along furniture, walls, and fixtures. Its Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head help loosen dirt and stains while the Braava jet Cleaning Pads break up and lock away debris. When Braava jet is finished cleaning, users don’t have to worry about touching the dirty cleaning pads. Simply place the robot over a waste basket and hit the ‘eject’ button to drop the pad into the trash. To keep Braava jet from entering unwanted areas, such as an adjacent room without a door or a carpeted area, users can create an invisible boundary with Virtual Wall® Mode.

Christian Cerda, chief operating officer of iRobot : “Braava jet complements our successful Roomba® robotic vacuum by offering customers a separate option for daily hard floor mopping on particularly dirty and sometimes unsavory surfaces. It is especially well suited for customers who spend a significant amount of time keeping their hard floors clean.”

Braava jet works with Braava jet Cleaning Pads to tackle a range of hard floor cleaning jobs, from wet mopping and damp sweeping to simple dusting. The wet mopping and damp sweeping pads, contain a water-activated cleaning agent. Braava jet is also simple to use; just attach the desired Braava jet Cleaning Pad and press the ‘CLEAN’ button. The robot will automatically determine its cleaning action based on the pad chosen, including:

 Single-Use Wet Mopping Pad – triple-pass cleaning for dirt and stains2 well-sealed floors such as hardwood, tile, and stone

 Single-Use Damp Sweeping Pad – single-pass cleaning for everyday dust and dirt on sealed wood floors, and can also be used on tile and stone

 Single-Use Dry Sweeping Pad – single-pass cleaning traps and locks dust, dirt and pet hair on all hard floors, including hardwood, tile, and stone

Customers can also download the iRobot HOME App to get the most out of their Braava jet mopping robot. Available for Android and iOS devices, the HOME App allows users to access the CLEAN button to start or stop Braava jet, use Spot Clean for a quicker, deeper clean of a smaller area, easily get software updates and directly access customer service.


Braava jet comes packaged with a long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery, a battery charger, and two of each type of cleaning pad (wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry sweeping). Reusable, washable cleaning pads are available for purchase separately.

The Braava jet Mopping Robot is available for purchase in India at Rs 19,900 with the launch offer of Rs 17,900 at iRobot flagship stores, and will be available also on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Braava jet Cleaning Pads retail for Rs 690 for a box of 10 cleaning pads and can be purchased on or wherever the Braava jet is sold. The washable cleaning pads retail for Rs 1190 for a box of two and are also available on

1 In damp/dry mode. Based on a room with 25% of the floor occupied by objects, furniture and rugs

2 Tested in Wet Mode on dried coffee and soda

3 Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head used only in Wet Mopping and Damp Sweeping modes

4 Braava jetTM Washable Wet Mopping Pads tackle dirt and stains using water only. Contains no detergent.

Puresight Systems Pvt Ltd. was established with a vision of becoming a leading provider of home robotic appliances in India. Established in 2014, Puresight Systems has the exclusive partnership with iRobot to distribute iRobot home robots in India. Since 2015 Puresight Systems imports iRobot home robots into India. Based in Bangalore, Puresight has opened in Bangalore a service centre and two stores run by reseller. The products are also available online on and on and Flipkart. Website is iRobo


Veidehi said...

This is amazing, and a perfect solution for unreliable maids in India :) I think my mom will be very excited about this product..

jayshree bhagat said...

How much is the price


Hey Vaidehi, just have a look at the demo. Yes , your Mom will be happy to use the Braava Jet for sure.


Hello Jayshree , Priced at Rs.19,900, Braava jet combines a compact design, Vibrating Cleaning Head, Precision Jet Spray and Braava jetTM Cleaning Pads to lift dirt and stains , even in hard-to-reach places, like under kitchen cabinets and around toilets.

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