Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ZOO...m Bar Bar Zoom

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Multi Animated Zoo Resto-Bar, 
DJ road, Ville Parle West, Mumbai-400056. Tel: +91 7303966227

I have accorded 5 stars to Zoo Bar. In a Journalistic parlance, an ordinary news has single heading and an extraordinary NEWS deserves Max 5 headings. 

Zoo bar demands more than 5 headings / titles on various counts. How? 

1. The Zoo  ( Pet friendly ) Theme Decor 

It Attracts more than Eye-balls. It actually converts the eye-balls into footfalls and finalizes the mouthful of foodies PAX. I for one started clicking Zoo Bar right from the footpath ( Tiger tiger burning bright , the symbol of Zoo Bar ) onward, the staircase adorned with a life-size Giraffe statue, the lobby with Guitar, alfresco dining area boasting of symbolic bottomless cages ( Freedom for all ), Spirit-full Bar, Bookshelf, animal statues, Monkey-muralled DJ console and ended up at the elegant washroom ( more about that later )

This Zoo Bar looks like a zesty Wild kid on the block

2. Service with SmileThe friendly, swift serving Staff, knowledgeable and soft-spoken Manager and the Pet-Lover, Omni-Present Owner NIshant J. Joshi. I was astonished to be coolly greeted by Mr. Nishant, introducing himself. Within minutes , he was behind the bar , jovially mixing numerous mock tails like a Pro. Next he was the same ever smiling host, adroitly answering different Whys n Whats about Zoo bar. His and and his family's million dollar Mantra : Let's live in harmony with animals. 

You can see 'Why Not' mural on the bar, depicting Nishant's own Handprint with the pows of various animals. He was personally chatting with almost all the diners joining them at their tables as well as Halloing to others while moving from one table to the other. Lavish hospitality is the USP of Zoo bar.

Zoo bar behaves like a charming kid on the block


3. Bar Bar Dekho and Suno Two always ON giant LCD screens and app-based, on demand DJ-music heighten the Visual and Audio quotient of the Youthful & cheery atmosphere. Many youngsters ( including my blog-famous nephew Aamen ) prefer to watch Sports, while eating. 

I am not a TV person at all, still could not help glancing over the toned down TV screens once in a while. I can well imagine, the ZOOper scene when the IPL, Wimbledon, Olympic, World cup etc. is ON at the Zoo bar.

Zoo bar is the smashing Sporty Kid on the block


4. Yummy, Healthy Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian  food : 

Mock tails ( Apple+Beat+Carrot juice and such a like ) , Chocolate Milkshakes , Ice cream Coffees , Masala Teas , Toast platter with assorted Jams / Butter ,  Baked Beans and cheese on toast , Creamy Mushrooms on toast , accompanied by Rosti Potato fritters , my personal favorite ( Hash Browns ). French toasts , Waffles and fresh fruit platters etc. Almost all the dishes are served with Rosti Potato and grilled tomatoes. Our group of vegetarian bloggers, could hardly wait to click the photos of yummy platters and indulged in the salivating treats pronto. That's the reason , why so less photos of the food.



wholesome Egg-dishes ( Eggs Florentine , Eggs bunnydict, Ham & Cheese Omelette , Mushroom Omelette , Sausage and cheese omelette , Masala Omelette ) . Almost all the dishes are served with Rosti Potato and grilled tomatoes,  French toasts , Waffles and fresh fruit platters etc.

Zoo bar is the chubby foodie kid on the block .

5. Fair sex Rocks : 

Since morning 10, most of the diners who add charm to Zoo bar are college-girls, ladies who brunch and lunch at fine dining restaurants. This is the first time I encountered the phenomena of more females in a Resto bar enjoying the food and good vibe. 

Girls, ladies love, being pampered with affection & attention. The total ambiance at Zoo bar is pleasantly cozy. The satiated feeling of being in our own comfort zone with friends and among strange diners too.

Zoo bar is the Pretty sweet kid on the block


Unknown said...

Such a amazing blog and beautiful pictures.....


Hi, Zoo Bar is such an exciting foodie heaven with marvelous interior that the verbatim description just wrote out itself. Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'.

Jyotirmoy Sarkar said...

Very nice pics and the place also. beautifully described---oh no, i m not drunk.


You said it, Jyotirmoy! The pics are nice cause the Zoo Bar is absolutely Picturesque. If u r not already drunk then u must visit Zoo bar when u come to Mumbai.

Jiggyasa said...

very nice review. never heard of a zoo bar before. This is cool.hhehe..."You are beautiful, you are drunk"


Thanks Jiggyasa. You will thank this review, when you experience the Zoo Bar, first hand, I mean Eyes as well as mouth.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Seems like a nice place


Oh Yes, Shrinidhi , More than Nice , it's a Spectacular Bar , to party with Friends, while enjoying the all kinds of Sports on large LCDs.

Unknown said...

Lovely place and pictures are very beautiful sound like new place.


Lovely as in Prettily Delicious and visually drooling. Zoo bar is the winsome kid on the block.