Saturday, May 7, 2016

#FunWithU ka FUNda

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"Fun, Fun ... FUN is the FUNDA of my life. When I grow up, I want to have all the FUN in the World, all my life. I want to achieve full on FUN, fame will follow for sure." - my  14 year old nephew Aamen, when I asked him, what  he wants to be, what he wants to achieve, when he grows Up?".

 *Statutory Warning : Aamen's Barbs are highly Infectious and Injurious to Funny Bones.
"FUN ? that's all U want in life? I have asked U, very seriously, but all U want is FUN? - I , the Auntie.

"Yo Auntie so antique that she is always Off line, means Off Life.
Come on Auntie, Grow up, Go OnLine, Watch this."- ordered Aamen, my Uthfull nephew,  "Follow @VodafoneIN and let the @FunOnWithU always.

And to cut a long story short, We the bloggers were invited for a FUNtastic #FunWithU ( Vodafone U ) party at Hard Rock Cafe , where Mr. Sandeep Kataria (Commercial Director- Vodafone India) launched Vodafone U. What's very special about this #FunWithU launch event is that First time the 3 Rockstars of Social Media  RaftaarKanan Gill and TVF Qtiyapa joined the FUNny bones forces to launch the very Unique, Exciting concept #FunWithU.

Say whaddup to Vodafone U! Your one-way ride to FUN, always on! Hop on board! Come join . May the  ‪#‎FunWithU forever.

What's all this Big Bang Bang about #FunWithU ?

Vodafone, India's 1 of the largest mobile operator is offering free music downloads, data credit and attractive voice tariffs for three buddies ( prepaid ) on the Vodafone network.
Through the MyVodafone-app U ( short for Youth ) will be able to download songs for free (data charges will apply) and register three buddies for special tariffs. The app will also allow U to segment and choose your data consumption pattern (by night and day) and pay accordingly. If you run out of data, you can get a data credit of 60 MB which will be debited when you top up your account next time. The company is offering special night allowance for U ( youngsters ) to browse the internet.

In short , U are always on with Vodafone U, for
1. Catching Up : U can call 3 of your  Vodafone buddies @20p/ min. 
2. Surfing : U get lots of data and a data loan if U run out of it. 
3. Music : Enjoy FREE download from Vodafone for 60 days.

Would you like to have the glimpses of all that happened at #FunWithU launch party ? Here Vodafone U go ...

 Hard Rock Cafe , where the Celebrity Rockstars joined forces to launch #FunWithU

#FunWithU decor

Always on decor-cubes for #FunWithU

Fun food for #FunWithU

Historic coming together of 3 Uth Icons , Rockstars of Social Media
Here's some more dope on  Vodafone U

Vodafone brings a first of its kind, Lifestyle Proposition for Youth – The youth is always keen to be connected with friends and fun via the world of internet, voice and music. The young Indians spend most of their time on their mobile, through Social Media ( Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Snapchat , Youtube etc. ) , for Music , for chatting etc. That's where the #funWithU concept of Vodafone U matches with the Indian Youth.

  Vodafone U which will be offered in two packs – one for first time pack users and the other as Recharge packs – both available in Large and Small variants suited to different needs.
  Vodafone U lets you splurge lots of data without burning a hole in your pocket. It brings you closer to your best buddies with happy call rates. It also gets the party started anytime, anywhere with free music downloads. 

 Some of the #FunWithU Features for Vodafone U are :
1.   Data Allowance: U can keep surfing day and night at leisure. Get a separate night allowance so that you don’t have to miss out on single moment of fun.
2.  3 Buddy Lifelines: Don’t skip the fun details of every story you’ve got to share with your best buddies. Call 3 of your closest friends at a special call rate of 20p/min
3.  Data Loan: Has running short of data forced you to cut corners. Breathe Easy with data loan of 60MB of 3G/4G for 2 days, when you need it the most.
4.  Music, always on: Uplift your mood or tend to a broken heart with just the right kind of music. Get unlimited free music downloads for 2 months.

Finally when I returned home and bragged about all anecdotes of #FunWithU party like , how we blogger-buddies bonded at the bar, how we ragged Kanan Gill for selfies , how we grooved to the rapping by Raftaar ,    how much we ROFLed , LMAOed at the stand up comedy .... that Aamen had to admit ...

" Yo Auntie so smarty that she parties at Hard Rock cafe.
 Yo Auntie so cool that she stalks  Kanan Gill."

Enjoy #FunWithU ka FUNda with Vodafone U

 P.S. : This is the very first time that my nephew Aamen is chilled about what I have confessed about him.



Roma Gupta Sinha said...

Woohoo, seems like you had great fun :)


Yo Roma, Wish U were with Us to Share the #FunWithU.

rupam sarma said...

Great, Thanks for sharing :)


Hi Rupam , the #FunWithU party was Rocking with Kanan Gill, Raftaar and TVF Qtiyapa.

Richa said...

You made it sound even more fun than it was..and it was already a looooooot of fun :D Well, that's what the masters do! Looking forward to many more such fun events for me & U :D

Shaivi said...

Ur post speaks out the fun u had!


Hi Richa , The smashing #FunWithU party from Masters ( Raftaar, Kanan Gill and TVF Qtiyapa )of Digital Universe + Lovely friends like U , Geeta & others was such a Crazy combo, the words flowed out FUNtastically.


Really Shaivi , If only U were there to add your personal Pretty Charm , The #FunWithU party would have been still more Special.

Tina Acharya said...

Total Fun!! Seen the pics in FB as well!!:) :)


Hey Tina, Full on #FunWithU ka Funda at Hard Rock Cafe. Enjoyed with Raftaar, YVFQtiyapa, Kanan Gill and Blogger-buddies.

amsang said...

Nice event. Looks like lot of fun. And a nice followup article too.


The #FunWithU event was exciting due to Fun concept of Vodafone U , TVF Qtiyapa, Raftaar, Kanan Gill with Blogger-friends. Loved writing this post, reminiscing about all craziness at Hard Rock cafe party

Ranjana's craft blog said...

It must be great fun!


At the #FunWithU Vodafone launch party , there were more than 100 Bloggers & Social Media Influencers, being entertained by Kanan Gil , Raftaar & TVF Qtiyapa , so u can imagine what a Hard Rocking gala it was!

Unknown said...

Beautiful blog, Thanks for sharing :)


Yes, Vodafone U is an excellent choice for Catching Up : U can call 3 of your Vodafone buddies @20p/ min. , Surfing : U get lots of data and a data loan if U run out of it and Music : Enjoy FREE download from Vodafone for 60 days...Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. Thanks for your compliment.

Unknown said...

Funny and informative at the same time!


Hi Subha, Super-duper fun at Vodafone U launch. I am glad that you got all the information you needed about #FunWithU .