Saturday, May 28, 2016

PlayTheLifeGame with Baggit

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"Char Baj Gaye Lekin Party Abhi Baaki Hai ... " was the rocking party scene at #PlayTheLifeGame launch of  Baggit Spring Summer  2016 collection. Yes you read it right, the #PlayTheLifeGame Bloggers party was in full swing even after Char. The only catch, is this Baggit Spring-Summer collection launch party was exclusively for the lady-bloggers and the Char was pm, not am.


The GenNext loves to #PlayTheLifeGame as per their own choices. They celebrate Life like a Party. They work smart and party hard to enjoy every aspect of life. They have everything, still they crave for Extra Gloss, Exclusivity, high-end brands, latest version of every thing. That's where Baggit Spring Summer 2016 Collection comes in to picture, I mean in to the hands of fashionistas. 'If you have it ... splurge it on Baggit'

The tech-savvy, ambitious and independent ladies make their own smart choices. They deserve both Quality and Style. Today's Gen-Y is the result of DISK ( Double Income Single Kid ), so they have grown up as pampered youth. They love to flaunt their ‘Freedom of Expression’ with their fashion statement. Brand Baggit is most sought after by these DISKs for it's uber cool looks and Eco-friendly / recyclable material.

Here's the first person story about #PlayTheLifeGame launch of  Baggit Spring Summer  2016 collection. We the select few Lifestyle / Fashion Bloggers went into selfie-mode post registration and Gift-receipt of an ornate fashion trunk full of goodies ( Wanna know , what all is inside this golden, glitzy trunk ? Please read to the end ). 

Thus started our #PlayTheLifeGame Spring-Summer collection 2016 launch party with Baggit at The Daily Bar & Kitchen . Upstairs in the AC section, the bartenders got busy mixing various cocktails / mock tails for the bloggers. The bloggers pouted, clicked, chatted, sipped cocktails / mock tails ( Pinacolada & Mojito : both virgin for me ), nibbled French fries, Filo tarts, Pizza etc n tweeted it all in detail ... till #PlayTheLifeGame ... trended. 


The ravishing MC arrived in a Pool Green mini and the whole party scene resonated with her perky commentary about #PlayTheLifeGame launch of  Baggit Spring Summer  2016 collection. The personal message of Ms. Neena Lekhi ( MD & Chief Design Curator ) and making of Spring Summer collection was presented through an exciting video, which was hugely applauded by us.

Elaborating on the campaign launch, Vicky Ahuja, Director Sales & Marketing, Baggit, said,  “Baggit is born for fashion and the new spring summer range doesn't restrict you by the bounds of ‘occasions’. The versatile collection lets you express yourself with unbridled freedom without stereotyping you in a particular role. Be you. And enjoy it … with confidence. ” #PlayTheLifeGame campaign captures different moods & expressions of today’s modern women. Staying true to its handcrafted, Eco-friendly heritage, Baggit has chosen a variety of luxuriously strong materials, unique textures and chic prints that merges with a palette of vibrant hues like blues, pinks ,oranges to reflect the varying moods and emotions of their audience. 

Here's how I would like to style my favorite 'L Affinity Bindas Blue' ( more brownie points for that kick ass Bindas name ) Sling / back pack. You may have noticed from the above table that, this Bindas Blue color blocks with the bright  mustard yellow, red, as well as with the faded beige, pink . This L Affinity Bindas Blue can be carried stylishly with Western as well as with Indian outfits. ‪#‎playthelifegame Baggit Spring Summer 2016 collection mood bags for the chic ladies, for every occasion to match their style , any time , any where. Every Baggit bag has different features, which can be accessorized with numerous dresses.  The special feature of all Baggit is it's totally Vegan and non allergic. 

True to the spirit of #PlayTheLifeGame, the vivacious MC played various games such as Moods of the days to match the Baggit , Guess the names of Baggit-Lucky draw , Maximum number of tweets throughout the day. The winners bagged their favorite Baggit as the prizes. Post the fun-games , the bloggers rushed to the upstairs bar to refresh themselves with another round of cocktails, mock tails , appetizers etc.

Thus rejuvenated , the bloggers were ready to shake a leg to the tune of #PlayTheLifeGame . So the tables were moved towards the walls and the ladies hit the dance-floor with elan.  
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Shrinidhi Hande said...

I can see that you are attending lots of events these days. keep going


Yes, Shrinidhi , May was the most happening month in Mumbai.

Sims said...

Infact Mumbai is always happening. Nostalgic!


Exactly Sims, Mumbai is always Happening and keeps you on toes. I was not well last month, so I am sort of rushing to finish the assignments in time.So When are you returning to Amchi Mumbai ?

amsang said...

Nice coverage of the event. Looks like it has been planned with great care and nice location too.


Baggit Team had conceptualized this #PlayTheLifeGame launch of SS2016 collection in such a innovative way that we truly enjoyed reviewing the Baggit collection. Yes the location, The Daily Bar and Kitchen with its most courteous staff was a wonderful hospitality experience.

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