Monday, July 1, 2024

WHAT ELSE WE HERE FOR”: post for Indian Cricket team’s victory, Ranveer Singh’s famous line instantly draws us back to his memorable performance in ‘83

Ranveer Singh, who portrayed cricket legend Kapil Dev in Kabir Khan's ‘83,’ is ecstatic as India clinched the T20 World Cup title after 17 years, defeating South Africa on June 29. Sharing pictures from the match on Instagram, he wrote an elaborate note expressing his emotions.

Ranveer began his post with, ‘WHAT ELSE WE HERE FOR? How fortunate we are to have witnessed this glorious moment in our nation's history! The boys have done it! World champions!!! We fought like warriors and took what was rightly ours.’ The line instantly drew us back to the most memorable portal of Ranveer Singh from the film. 

For Rahul Dravid, Ranveer wrote, ‘Rahul 'The Wall' Dravid! One of the greats of Indian Cricket goes out with a World Cup to his name!’

Calling Rohit Sharma the nation's pride, Ranveer wrote, ‘Rohit Sharma's legacy gets its crowning glory! The ultimate achievement - he's a World Cup winning captain, ladies and gentlemen! The paragon of aggressive batting in the short format. One of the greatest batsmen of all time. Mumbai's own, nation's pride. Thank you.’

For Virat Kohli, Ranveer's words were, ‘Virat Kohli. Nothing can be said about this giant that hasn't been said already. I guess he said it best, this is what dreams are made of. We too bow our heads in gratitude... for the glory you've brought us throughout your playing career. King Kohli - an icon of the world of sports. Thank you.’

‘Jaddu. The best all-rounder of his generation. The most lethal weapon in all of cricket. The skill and dynamism he's displayed on the field has been extraordinary. He's made the impossible possible, time and time again. A superstar. A winner. A champion. Thank you,’ he wrote for Ravindra Jadeja.

He added, ‘To every member of Team India - thank you! Surya's catch will go down as one of the greatest plays in the history of team sports. Hardik's tears said it all. They said everything that he didn't say when everyone had so much to say about him. My boy. What a redemption. Absolute cinema. And the man of the moment, who we will all remember forever as India's trump card, India's ace, India's game-changer - the one and only Jasprit Bumrah. The most feared and fabled pacer in history of Indian cricket. Greatest of all time.’

Ranveer Singh  concluded off the post, saying ‘It's a historic end to an era. An era of the highest achievement in sports, the ultimate glory and overwhelming pride. Jai Hind!’

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