Monday, April 22, 2024

Anushka Sen and Kush Jotwani talk about their romantic chemistry in Prime Video’s upcoming series, Dil Dosti Dilemma

Prime Video’s upcoming young-adult series, Dil Dosti Dilemma’s trailer has created a fervour and excitement amongst audience, which is increasingly palpable as they await the premiere of the series on April 25. The overwhelming response was meted with another treat in the form of a soothing romantic song, Dil Sheher, which has everyone swooning over not just the soundtrack but also the sparkling chemistry between the newest on screen jodi of Anushka Sen and Kush Jotwani aka Asmara and Farzan.

“Spending time with Anushka, both on and off set, felt natural, and soon, our chemistry started reflecting in our characters too. We hit it off instantly. Each scene with Anushka felt so real, like I was just being myself,” expressed Kush Jotwani. 

Talking about contrast in the characters which makes this pairing so perfect, Ansuhka added, “My favorite aspect, undoubtedly, is the bond between Asmara and Farzan, two vastly different individuals. We unraveled the complexities of Asmara's character and her psyche through workshops and deep dives into the script, which was very different from Farzan. She is excited about almost everything in her life, while Farzan takes everything calmly.”

Garnering immense love from fans, the lead pair are sure to strike a chord with audiences across ages. Directed by Debbie Rao, the series brings to life a delectable tale that tugs at the heartstrings while capturing the essence of summer escapades. Dil Dosti Dilemma will premiere exclusively on Prime Video in India and across more than 240 countries and territories worldwide, on April 25.

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