Friday, January 5, 2018

World's Largest T-Shirt out of 100% recycled plastic waste

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 Plastindia Foundation makes World’s “Largest T-Shirt” out of 100% recycled plastic waste from 200,000 PET bottles to enter Guinness World Records 

                                             An initiative to promote recycling plastics waste

 The giant T-Shirt of size 97.5 metres height x 70.08 width made out of recycled plastic waste of 200,000 bottles catapulted Plastindia Foundation into the Guinness World Records. The apex body of plastics industry in India, Plastindia Foundation took up this initiative to create awareness among the masses on the need to manage plastics waste so that it is recycled more efficiently. Swapnil Dangirikar, the official adjudicator of Guinness World Records confirmed that this T-Shirt is bigger than the current record holder T-Shirt which is 93.2metres height x 62.73 metres width. Among those witnessed this record creation effort was Afroz Shah, the renowned environment lover and also the person behind world’s biggest beach cleaning exercise at Versova beach in Mumbai. The fabric from this T-Shirt will be later used to create 10,000 T-Shirts and distributed free among the children from economically weaker sections.

K K Seksaria, President, Plastindia Foundation mentioned that “The thought behind this initiative is to catch citizens’ attention on facts such as the dire need for everyone among us to be more responsible towards the environment, plastics waste can be managed effectively with understanding segregation at source and making citizens more conscious towards littering and mixing waste. If waste is segregated and disposed correctly it will help plastics waste to be recycled more effectively and we can create many things from recycled plastics waste. To change people’s behavior towards waste management and segregation is not going to be easy, but steps like these could go a long way in building empathy and belief that there are ways to bring about environmental change if every citizen understands and appreciates his civic responsibility”.

Atul Kanuga, Chairman, Environment & Plastics Image Committee spoke about various initiatives on enhancing awareness around plastics recycling. He said, “The T shirt project of this scale is to draw attention to the fact that one should look at waste from a different angle. Six plastic bottles of one litre can clothe one child and there is value in waste. We must segregate waste and reuse the good part . Upscaling from waste is the new mantra and the plastic industry will play its part.”

Sharing the industry’s point of view, Vimal Kedia, Managing Director, Manjushree Technopack Limited, mentioned, “Plastics has indeed made the world a better place. However, the irresponsible use of plastics, if continued unabated, has the potential to derail the many benefits of plastics. On behalf of the industry, I would like to congratulate and thank the Plastindia Foundation, for this tremendous effort to raise awareness around plastics recycling. All stake holders, including consumers, must contribute to the effort for more responsible use of plastics”. Manjushree Technopack is the largest PET bottle manufacturers in India.

Also sharing stage with the dignitaries was. Rohit Parmar, Managing Director, Sushila Parmar International, one the leading polymer importers and suppliers of raw materials in India. Parmar said “World’s largest T-shirt made from 100% recycled plastic waste’ makes a statement in itself. It tells the world that if plastic is used, segregated, disposed and then further, re-cycled correctly, then it can do more good to the world than any harm. We at Parmar believe Plastics is a blessing and like every blessing, we must know how to use it carefully and appropriately.

In future, technology would play an important role in environmental safety. Rajeev Chitalia, Chairman, Exhibition Committee, Plastindia Foundation commented, “The key observation while doing over 71-odd roadshows in India and abroad to promote Plastindia 2018 was the concern among manufacturers to produce more environment friendly and easily recyclable plastics. New technologies and processes will help us win the battle of making the world a better place to live and environment safer for our next generations.”

The attempt to enter Guinness World Records by making largest T-Shirt is bound to create a new wave of awareness among end-users of plastics.

PlastIndia Foundation is the apex body of major Associations, Organisations, and Institutions connected with plastics including Government and Semi-Government Organisations. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote the development of Indian plastics industry and to assist the growth of plastics and related materials and their products. It is dedicated to the national progress through plastics and is striving hard to make India a preferred sourcing base for plastics products for the world. Working as a catalyst, the Foundation works to build awareness of the significant contribution made by plastics to society and the environment. It also creates a positive policy framework with all statutory entities and increases per capita consumption of plastics, encourage exports thereby significantly contributing to national growth. In order to enhance the image and the growth of Indian Plastics Industry, the Foundation holds world-class exhibitions in India at regular intervals, where it provides opportunities to demonstrate the industry’s capabilities.


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