Friday, January 26, 2018

TISSAA : Truly Virtually Yours Forever

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"We must share good news with our readers, as excitedly, as we do with our mother" -- Fundamental of Journalism. 

Alma Mater is almost like a mother, as it provides the much needed intellectual nourishment to its students at the crucial stages of their lives. TISS, your Alma Mater wishes to bond, connect and get closer to you; wants to help you rejuvenate your career. It takes great pride in sharing all your stories… your tales of struggle, success, challenges and much more, with your fellow TISSians.

TISS is proud of it's luminous Alums, of their grand successes as well as of their social and personal joy. The Institute takes great pleasure in welcoming and sharing their accolades, expertise, life-experiences, expectations, commitments, gratitude towards their very own TISS.

Tata Institute of Social Sciences Alums Association, (TISSAA) strives to unite TISSians across globe for their mutual growth in respective fields through mentoring, guidance, internships, fieldwork opportunities, job postings, references, scholarships, awards, research and projects, etc.

'Give the ones you love, wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay' - His Holiness The Dalai Lama has been quoted on the website. The easiest, fastest, surest way to connect, to communicate, to rejuvenate the ultra special bond with TISS and TISSians is right here, right now on our very own TISSAA website which is trendy and up to date.

TISSians are the perfect Brand Ambassadors to spread the fame and glory of TISS. It has enlightened our lives, brightened our futures with holistic education. Now, it's our turn to show our love, respect and gratefulness by Re-imagining TISS

The most awaited TISSAA website will be dedicated to TISS alums all over the world, on February 3, 2018. The website launch is turning point in TISSAA's journey. The website will magnetize the diverse TISS community and it will also act as a message board with latest information about your campus, school, center, faculty and peers.

TISSAA website greets us with the sprawling TISS campus among lush greenery, backdrop of azure sky studded with tanned mountains and a vintage ambassador reminiscing those dreamy days... the possibility of having a dream come true, gushing with youthful exuberance, aiming for nothing less than stars. 

The first look of TISSAA website is slick and spacious. It's easy to navigate with all necessary options and sub options. Each and every kind of information is available at the click. Connecting with fellow alums has never been so easier with sub-categories such as campus, maps, centers, degrees, batch, groups, cities, chapters etc. 

The most important feature of TISSAA site is the campus-activities, events (Past, Present, Future) around the world. Upcoming reunions are the most awaited and exciting events for alums. Volunteering is ingrained n TISSians's mindsets like DNA. Please take your own pick. You may wish to volunteer for a cause, with your exclusive skills and expertise, would like to mentor as a guest faculty or prefer to donate your time. Each picture in TISSAA Gallery evokes thousand memories.

Time stands still ? No Time develops as TISSians team up with Library 

TISSAA website flaunts a fresh and contemporary look. It is interactive, dynamic and  exhaustive. It allows you to sign up with a chapter, a groups, a club. It updates details from campuses, articles, blogs, newsletters, announcements, TISSians’ success stories in the News and Blogs section, projects that need volunteering, missions that need attention and financial aid are all available. The Programme section highlights ongoing , future and successfully completed projects. This will highlight the value added creation for TISSians and business associates.

The most prominent feature of TISSAA is Membership, to participate actively in the process of making a positive impact on humanity, which is integral to TISS.
Your valuable feedback is most welcome as it will take TISSAA website to next best level at the earliest. We are sure that you all will always be in touch with TISSAA through facebooktwitterLinkedInInsta and youtube

Team TISSAA is thankful to all the amazing people who gave their time and energy to make this site wonderful. For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please Email us at

Stay connected, stay networked, stay updated...

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Jai said...

One of my cousin's wife and another's daughter studied in TISS. The younger one is working in pricewater house coopers in the states. The website looks cool.

pushpendra dwivedi said...

interesting informative post

Anonymous said...

Why does every TISS/TISAA word need to be a link to the website?? Makes for difficult reading for the visually vulnerable.


Hello Jay, pleased to know your family association with TISS. Thanks for the TISSAA website appreciation .


Thank you Pushpendra.


Respected Sir , I am extremely honored to receive your positive and supportive feedback. Thank you very much for the encouragement.