Sunday, April 9, 2017

Paper Boat presents Hope the boat

Dear Rain ... You are most Welcome at Mother Earth .

We will give you lots of  Love.

When the whiff of rain came calling, we’d take out the last page of our rough notebooks to fold up... A paper boat.

We'd set it off downstream with our hopes and prayers: that the boat go far; go far and touch that place where the sea meets the sky.

So today, with trembling fingers and butterflies, we present to you our journey aboard this little carrier of dreams. Meet Hope, the Boat 

We hope you join in, and dream your dreamiest dreams.

Wishing you a wistful and a wonderful Happy New Year 
Our warmest regards,

P.S.: Nearly 75 days, 40,000GB of data, and 79,000 machine hours went into the making of Hope, the Boat – our first-ever 3D animated short film.

P.S.S.: Please don't forget to enjoy it on 1080p! :

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