Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lufthansa #MoreIndianThanYouThink


All the Gold in the World,
adorns the Indian Lords and Ladies no?
They love it too much (  Oh-Ah-Oh ) ,
they're dazzling up like Peacocks.
And the God man by the Ganges
He gets the Moksha in the holy dip 
For the Nirvana-rituals ( Oh-Ah-Oh ),
He puffs his mouth for blowing Chillum
Foreign guys with their cigarettes sing;
' Jay Jay shiv Shankar ' 
Sing Like an Indian.

The dusky hostesses rotate Puja-thalis.
Groove around and they circle the floor.
They've got the grace ( Oh-Ah-Oh )
They welcome you with creamy, sweet Lassi .
Their tinseled shararas brighten up the mood.
They coax you to join in for Bhangra.
' Poora Londan Thumakda '
Dance Like an Indian.

All the Indian kids so full on Fun.
They like the Cricket and the Bollywood.
Before the buzzer rings ( Oh-Ah-Oh )
They're supporting like Indians.
All the Indian kids in the stadium cheer :
Sachin , Sachin , Sachin , Sachin .
Play like an Indian.

Swagger up on the street , straighten your back,
Raise your head , then break the signal.
Like a Boss ( Oh-Ah-Oh ),
So ride four at a time on a  Bajaj bike.
If you want to avoid all the cops.
They're on duty at the Bandobast .
They work for our safety ( Oh-Ah-Oh )
Think Like an Indian.
All the Indians with their Crores,
The party has just started in India.
The Chinese bow & beg
They try to compete with Indians.
All the nations in the UNO say ;
Oh-ah-oh-ooo-aaa-ooo-aaa ,
Relax like an Indian
with Yoga & Meditation.

All the Indians flying international ,
Lufthansa is their first choice as 
they are greeted with Namaste,
they are treated with Desi food,
they are entertained with Bollywood.
' Mera plane hain Lufthansa , phir bhi flight hain Hindusthani '

Lufthansa #MoreIndianThanYouThink

[ Parody of ' Walk Like an Egyptian ' ]


Nisha said...

Lufthansa is indeed more Indian than we think. Going to fly again soon to have that experience again. :)


Hey Nisha , Welcome to ' Spirit Of Mumbai '. Glad to know that you enjoyed your #MoreIndianThanYouThink Lufthansa flight .

angie varona said...

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