Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Oscars Week at Gold Cinema

Oscars the Emperor of Movie awards should be best watched in the company of King. I know , what you must be thinking. Company of  King will cost you King's ransom. Don't worry , Be happy and watch Oscars in Golden ambiance at Gold Cinema, Santacruz. Here are the glittering glimpses of Gold Cinema to make you excited :

Relive the beauty of Cinema with the #OscarsWeekAtGoldCinema at Santacruz

The Academy awards have always been one of the most sought after awards and the home of every aspiring actor’s dreams. From 3 rd – 9 th March , Gold Cinema brings to you a week of celebrating some of the biggest cinematic marvels of 2016 including Jackie, Hidden Figures, Moonlight and La La Land at Milan Mall, Santacruz.

‘Oscars week at Gold Cinema’ is an opportunity for people to relive the brilliance of the storytellers that have melted everyone’s heart, may it be the music and performance of Emma Stone in La La Land or the first of its kind movie Moonlight which won the Best Picture award.

Apart from the Oscar winning & nominated films, Gold Cinema will also be playing Hugh Jackman’s reprisal of his X-Men character - Logan. Show timings & tickets are available on

About Gold Cinema

Gold Digitech Theatres Pvt. Ltd. branded as Gold Cinema is a chain of cinemas, founded in 2007, spread across various cities in India for an audience that wants to be entertained in utmost comfort.

Equipped with the latest digital technology, Gold Cinema provides a superior movie-viewing experience. Air-conditioned theatres, state-of- the-art sound, push back seats, hygienic, all inclusive Interval Food Courts and parking facilities are all part of the complete package Gold Cinema offers.

The Interval Food Court at Gold Cinema, Santacruz has it all from the cinema basics such as popcorn, coke, but also Georgia Tea & Coffee, McDonald's burgers, Donna Italia Pizzas, Sandwizzaa Sandwiches, This Corn Sweet Corn, Kottage 55 Desserts, Baskin Robbins Ice Creams and a whole lot more.

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Ranjana's craft blog said...

These kind of opportunity is not available in Bangalore. Did you watch?


Yes, Ranjana , we Mumbaikars are absolutely lucky to have best of the world. I watched both Lion's and Moonlight's premier in Mumbai. I loved Lion. I can not imagine , why it did not win Oscar.