Friday, March 17, 2017

Economic Times Land Summit

The Economic Times in partnership with AUM-LAI brought the Land Summit 2017 for the first time to India . ( A global conference on Land Economics, Infrastructure Development and Finance )

The Economic Times in partnership with AUM LAI brought the Land Summit

2017 for the first time to India. The conference powered by Gazenia Shelters, was a global

conference on land economics, infrastructure development and finance was organised to

contribute to the ecosystem for holistic land-use development. The summit also highlighted

‘the land question’ and discussed in depth about the contemporary social concerns such as

problems of housing affordability and environmental quality.

Land being the most basic of all economic resources, its use is crucial in shaping effective

functioning of cities, determining degree of economic inequality and possibility of ecological

sustainability. The global conference hosted a list of prominent speakers who deliberated on

affordable housing for all, challenges for rapid development of India, FDI structuring &

intellectual property, maximizing returns from rural lands and other such interesting topics

which would help India make optimum use of their land.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis was present at the event to

felicitate prominent industrial players with the Dr. Homer Hoyt Awards. The other impressive

line of speakers and prominent personalities present at the event were Deepak Kesarkar,

Minister of State, Minister for Planning and Finance, Subhash Desai, Minister of Industries,

Government of Maharashtra, Leslie Pollock, Principal Urban Planner, LAI Global Chapter Chair,

Ramesh Nair, CEO & Country Head, JLL India and Niranjan Hiranandani, Indian Entrepreneur,

Co-founder & Managing Director of Hiranandani Groups.

Talking about the conference, Mr. Deepak Lamba, President, Times Strategic Solutions

Limited, said, “The Land Summit 2017 was a great concept brought to life by the Times Group in

partnership with the Land Economics Society, USA. The event witnessed some of the thought

leaders and key decision makers of the infrastructure and finance industry who deliberated on

important and pressing issues of the sectors. We at the Times Group have tracked, followed and

evangelized the positive growth across sectors that will help India realize the dream of a country

which has place for all. We have received an encouraging response that reassures us that we

are together in optimizing the use of land as a resource in urban as well as rural India.”

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis, who was present at event

said, “Maharashtra has achieved up to 50% urbanisation and the biggest challenge before any

government is to manage urbanisation. While this urbanisation was happening, we didn't

manage it, which resulted in unsustainable urbanisation. 65% of our GDP comes from our cities,

which makes them engines of growth. If we can leverage this capacity of cities in a sustainable

way, we can accelerate its development in a way that benefits all. We need to manage

urbanisation through initiatives like the Smart Cities mission, planned in a sustainable manner.”

The Dr. Homer Hoyt Award held on 11 th March, 2017 acknowledged the contribution of

industry players like Renaissance Indus Infra, Manavlok Social Work College, Indian

Coast Guard, Hiranandani Communities & Gazenia Shelters for their contribution for

sustainable land development in urban and rural India.

Conference Highlights
  • The Union and State Government’s land policies from senior government representatives
  • International Land experts and senior LAI members to discuss challenges and solutions for your projects
  • Exclusive candid networking cocktails, dinners and outings to know your prospects better
  • Pre-schedule meetings with stakeholders of your choice to maximize the return on your investment
  • More than 300 international delegates and 20 international Speakers to get a 360 degree view on the latest in land use and economics
Incredible India
By all counts, the global economic recovery even today, continues to be uncertain, patchy and unevenly spread. While the USA seems to be getting her act together, lots of uncertainties are still in store, as the new official policy of the New President gets under way. Europe and Japan, the two traditional growth engines are nowhere operating at their optimum capacity and full potential. Among the Emerging Markets, China’s slow growth momentum is likely to stay for some time, while Russia and Brazil are beset with their own domestic problems. This scenario clearly leaves India…as the only country with strong medium-term growth potential and prospects.
The Unfolding India Story…
Notwithstanding some of the hiccups and anxieties arising out of the demonetization syndrome, India continues to clock over 7% GDP growth for the third year in succession. The upcoming Budget 2017-18, is likely to impart fresh boost to growth via incentives to consumption and investment. It is expected that in the next couple of years, the Indian economy will find herself in the 8%-plus growth range. The Government in power since 21014, has been rightly focusing its attention on pragmatic, broad-based policies aimed simultaneously at tackling short-term problems, but with a firm eye on long-term economic development. The highest priority has been clearly accorded to – growth with fiscal and price stability and employment generation through new wave of industrialization.
“Make in India” is a well thought-out and carefully crafted a strategy of the Government, backed up fully by the requisite policy changes by all the leading States of India. This strategy, coupled with the public investment-led push and budgetary support to – Energy, Transport and Communication infrastructure, has begun to deliver the results on the ground. With renewed emphasis on “ease of doing business in India’, absorbed as a Mantra by all the State Govts, all the states are vying with each other to attract FDI from overseas. The stability and consistency of India’s FDI Policy regime and the creation of investment-friendly climate has indeed become our USP in the global battle for capital…
Therefore a   need for a perfect blend of local enterprising enthusiasm coupled with international expertise, and experience, in land economics, and land use, is the need of the hour to ensure that every precious investment made would be an investment in prosperity, and growth, for success and sustainable development.
Why Maharashtra…
The State of Maharashtra has been the economic and industrial powerhouse of India for long. It is also India’s most urbanized state and poised for further impetus through the central government’s “Smart City” mission. Today, Maharashtra attracts almost one-third of all the total FDI accruing to India. The state boasts of dynamic leadership, investor-friendly governance and, most important, ample pool of skilled and diversified human resource base – the prerequisite for long term industrial development. Whether it is, – Automobiles or Engineering, Pharma or Biotech, Maharashtra is clearly the leader with potential and opportunities galore. Even in all types of Services, Tourism, BFSI, Media and Entertainment, Higher Education and Skill Development, and of course IT and ITES, Maharashtra has been home to huge investment – domestic as well as FDI. Mumbai, India’s most vibrant and economically dynamic city, is India’s financial capital and an emerging International Financial Center (IFC).

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