Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Picture Perfect English Department

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My first impression of 'The English Department Bar 

& Diner' is very British.  Right from the front porch, with the unique London Bridge-nameplate flanked by classy lamps. The giant sized Bobby, the bulb-lit-staircase, the uniformed hostess, waiters, bartenders, managers , neat tables sporting shining new cutlery, the vibrant, bottoms-up wine-glasses-bar decor, the wall-murals , the exclusive smoke room, the 2200 or is it 2300? balls-encrusted ceiling .... 

Oh My God! the chic interior of 'The English Department' made me wonder, why don't the so-called 5-Star hotels have such kind of elegant restaurants. 

Food Department : We started with mock tails - After Glow ( Raspberry puree, Cranberry juice, Apple juice, Lime juice), Sun Down ( Mint leaves, Passion fruit syrup, Cranberry juice, Orange juice ) and cocktail - Cilantro cooler ( Cucumber, Coriander leaves, Vodka, Lime juice, sugar syrup, Soda ) . Well ... the 2nd 'Oh My God! ... cause the mock tails and cocktails were literally heavenly , that's why I exclaimed 'Oh My God'. 

Well begun is absolute fun. The appetizers, the starters, the Bar plate- Peanut Twist ( peanuts tossed with onion, tomato and Indian spices ), the Caesar salads, the wood fire pizza ( Veggie Delight ), Amsterdam Veggie Burger,  the main courses - Authentic Veg Mughal rice ( Veg dum biryani served with raita )the side dishes and finally the desserts ( Philadelphia cheese cake . Fruit tart , Blueberry cheese cake ) were delicious as well as Visually delightful. 

In our group, we had 3 vegetarians and 2 non-vegetarians. Both the sections shared mock tails, cocktails, the authentic Mughalai rice and desserts.

Apart from the plush, spacious Diwali-lit interior decor, the cozy, comfy pod-sofas, I liked the smiling, friendly staff, fast service, the joyous atmosphere, eye-candy mock tails, desserts.

So , now you must be wondering is not this all too good to be believed. Well yes, my only disappointment was the music was a bit loud. and I am sure my teen aged nephew would have loved it. 

One more suggestion, Please order the next dish only after the first dish is finished, cause the portions are too generous for a single person. You will enjoy dining at 'The English Department' most , if you visit with at least 3 persons as the quantity per dish is huge.

Final words : Move over the pricey 5 -Star restaurants, The English Department is the excellent venue for CELEBRATIONS . We the 5 blogger-friends bonded well with another group over the yummy food and there was a swinging birthday party in the adjoining hall, comprising boisterous kids. That was definitely a mood-booster.

I know , I know that by now, you are ready to kill me, to get the address and check out this British Beauty ... Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai - 400064, adjoining Khyber, before Infinity mall.


Jyothi D'mello said...

Looks like a lovely place. Gotta try English Department soon.


Hey Jyothi , The English Department looks lovely and the Mocktails, Starters , Main course , Desserts are Loveliest. Go... Eat Fast.

Unknown said...

Wow such amazing veg options, great review :)


Yes Shweta, In our group we 3 were vegetarians and the 2 non-vegetarian friends loved to share our food. It was so so yummy. I am planning to go with my family soon for the pleasant ambience, mock tails, Authentic Mughal rice and Blueberry cheese cake.

Utpal Khot said...

Wow, lovely. How is the pricing? Service?


You will love it surely . The Interior , the ambiance, the food presentation, the visual appeal, the taste and yes the service is fantastico - friendly ... sso you won't mind if the pricing is bit high cause the portions are generous.


Thanks Jyotirmoy.