Friday, March 25, 2016

SenoriTea Villa Cafe

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First thing's first. The first time I glimpsed Tea Villa Cafe, Hill Road, Bandra, I was in an auto. I wanted to rush in, to have a closer look but it was house full on Sunday noon at 3 pm. So I decided to try out my luck on Wednesday , with blogger-buddies.

Bandra is the queen of suburbs and Tea Villa Cafe is Senorita of Bandra. As soon as you enter Tea Villa Cafe, La Senora De Villa, the Cupsy ( the pun is intended ) , curvy statue grabs your attention full on, And then there is no looking back literally as there are so many pretty, cute nick-knacks to keep you enthralled.

The Tea Villa cafe is specious with 4 levels.  First, entrance-level, 2nd - 2 steps bellow ( big area ) , 3rd - dining plus live kitchen serving freshly cooked food and 4th - Upstairs, kind of balcony ). The entire feel is full and still not stuffy. 

I am more than curious to know, who the talented architect, interior decorator of this lovely, cozy Tea Villa Cafe are. 

Right from the front door, the shelves, the various chairs, the tables, the cutlery, the crystal kettles, the cups, the wall-murals-hangings, the fan-mails, the live kitchen, the lamps, even the restroom, staircase, kitchen platforms and exit are so symmetrically aligned that nothing seems out of place or in the clumsy way.

The over all impact of Tea Villa Cafe is geometrically designed and aesthetically assembled art decor at it's prettiest best.

The waiters of Tea Villa Cafe are friendly, helping but a bit slow for those in a hurry. Our group of 5 bloggers was in a post-picnic mood, so we actually enjoyed the laid-back ambiance. 

The happiest news for vegetarians like me is that Tea Villa Cafe is fully veg only with a grand menu comprising European, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, Chinese Cuisines.

We began our gastronomic journey with one of the most extravagant tea ever imagined. The waiter dramatically served Blueberry infused Green tea wrapped around a Marigold in the base, a string of pure Jasmine blossoms and a globe of amaranth flower which blooms and floats up when infused. 

The whole lot of exquisite tea paraphernalia appeared complete with an hourglass ( sand-timer ) on the bloggers' table. We actually witnessed the Fuchsia-hued blooming and the subtle taste demands leisurely sipping, rather than gulping.

Can you imagine the rowdy scenario , we created for the Star Entry of Blueberry Tea!. The other tea-connoisseurs joined in laughingly at our robust enthusiasm in clicking pics, pics and more pics. 

We continued with other exotic teas like Tropical DelightA rich, fruit filled blend combining mango and vanilla to dramatic effect. With its vibrant red cup and creamy taste, it is perfect served hot or iced. 

Ingredients: mango, apple, currants, cherry, hibiscus ,vanilla.  and Rooibos Tiramisu Tea which is a blend of rooibos, barley malt, cocoa particles, roasted chicory root, white chocolate pieces and tiramisu flavor, followed by Triple Berry Coffee which is a blend of triple berry semisweet, and dark chocolates with a bit of cream and coffee shot.

Our bloggers' table remained center of attraction since then, till we exited the plush Tea Villa Cafe.

We went for variety of starters as per the manager's suggestion : Hummus PlatterCrispy Lotus Root Honey Chili ( our favorite due to sweet-spicy taste and crispy crunch), Baked Chili Parmesan and Paneer Skewers.

In Continental section we chose Villa Special Risotto ( Italian sticky rice with Exotic vegetables in tomato and cheese sauce ) accompanied with garlic toasts, color pepper-baby corn salad. Fine presentation but can not jell with the Indians preferring Basmati Biryani. 

We loved the Chocolate shake and the Mango shake was not mango enough for our Hapoos i.e. Alphonso oriented taste-buds. Some of us liked Classic waffle with Maple syrup and all of us loved the Banana & Caramel waffle .

Compared to McDonald's and KFC's the Peri Peri French Fries were superlative and Sizzling Brownie with Ice cream was on par. 

Nutella Hazelnut Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream was the ultimate favorite with all five of us. We shared that piece of heavenly bliss like Pandavas. Geeta Shridhar even clicked the pic of mine, slicing it into 5 pieces. Captioned it 'Sharing is Caring' and posted in on Instagram. All chimed "Happy Birthday' and yet again all those present in Tea Villa Cafe joined in the fun food-venture. Kudos to Master Chef Dessert King Shahzad Variava and his famed Desserts.


Utpal Khot said...

Wow..very nice review.covered almost all of it with beautiful memorable pics.


Thanks UK. Appreciation coming from you sounds so good.

Unknown said...

Really Superb


Thanks Kiran. Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'

Jyothi D'mello said...

For a Veg Cafe, the food on display is drool worthy. Excellent review Sujata.


Hi Jyothi, right , the food is drool worthy and the ambiance is stay worthy ( I wanted to stay there for more time ). Thanks for the appreciation. I just could not control myself from writing on and ON.

Shaivi said...

What a detailed coverage! The pics make me wanna visit the café!


Hey Shaivi , Missed you. Yes, we must visit it soon. Superb bistro to catch up with friends.

Sumandebray said...

A very attractive thematic interior design indeed.
The sculpture is a rock star by it own rights


Hi Suman , yes thematic and pretty attractive interior. You must visit it once with your family to experience it first hand. Senora De Villa is Bold & Beautiful .

amsang said...

The interiors are very good. and the food looks delicious too. Not withstanding its a tea cafe, one can have a tummy full.


Hi Amsang, Everything from the location, My fav Hill Road, the entrance, the interior , the ambiance , the food variety-taste-looks all excellent and the Pricing too is HIGH-rated.

Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay said...

Its quite the place, and your review is very detailed. The food looks very very inviting ... have pinned it to my "Places to Eat" board ..

My latest post: You are Infinite


Hi Subhodeep , Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai'. If you stay in Mumbai , you must visit it once for the exotic-Tea-experience.

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