Sunday, January 24, 2016

Peppy Pandav

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The gang of Five Girls ( Tina , Jelly , Nandu , Anu and I )  studying in 9th standard is bestowed the title of "PANDAV" in one of the strictest Mumbai - schools....

Want to know how Peppy the Pandav-group is ? Read on...

"I am bored to the death " - Tina the leader of Pandav group.

" Say something new. You are always bored to the death " - I .

" OK. The News is , I m "Monday - bored" . - Tina .

" I wanted to bring yesterday's leftover mutton-curry in lunch-box but Aai said - No. No eating mutton on Monday . Mutton in school never . Aai has kept the mutton-curry in the fridge , which is allowed to be eaten only on Wednesday " - Tina

" What non-sense rules we have . Non-veg only on Sundays , Wednesdays and Fridays , cause all other days are god's days . Does it mean that Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays are Demon's days ?" - Nandu .

Nandu is the only rational thinker among us , while other four of us blurt and act before we think.

" No use , discussing the rules. Let's bunk school and go to a movie " - Tina , the most Peppy prankster among us. 

"Where's the money for movie-tickets ?" - Anu.

" All of us have school-term fees , which is just enough for the tickets. Jelly will provide for the popcorn. We can not have samosas and ice-creams . But let's adjust." - Tina's Peppy plan perked us up promptly.

I glanced at Jelly for reaction .Jelly was smiling her 'Monalisa-smile' and was looking so adoringly at Tina that I felt the usual pang...

Jelly's real name is Dipti. On Sundays , all 4 of us have either Idlis , Dosas , Upmas , Pohas , Sheera at home for breakfast , but Dipti's mummy ( yes, she has mummy , we have Aaiees ) cooks only Jelly - Rex jelly, on all Sundays. No variations. We feel so sorry for her but still we can not resist calling her Jelly.

All four of us are besotted with Jelly for different reasons. Jelly prefers Tina above all . Jelly and Tina's relationship was sort of 'till-the-death-takes-us-away ' , till Rahul came in picture. That's the different story altogether , which I will tell at the end. ..

Jelly is the most popular girl in our school. Not just our group but the other students as well as the teachers like her tremendously.

Jelly is sweet , demure , pretty , intelligent - actually she is studious , not really intelligent. From morning to night , she keeps on reading study books. In between she goes to tuition and school with us. She never reads story books not even newspapers. She does not come at colony-ground to play with us .

Tina , Anu and I go on the playground almost every evening. Half the evening , We peep in Jelly's window , adjacent to the ground. We chat with her in sign-language , lest her Mummy hears us. Jelly reacts with big , popping eyes , scrunched nose , meaning " mummy is at home " and buries her nose in either History or Geography or Civic studies or.... . She always gets highest marks in Social sciences , 2nd highest in Physics , Chemistry , Biology , 3rd in Hindi-Sanskrit , 4th in Marathi , 5th in English and so on . So she studies... studies and studies to retain her popularity among the teachers and to keep her mummy cool whom she has nick-named " bhoot " i.e. ghost.


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Anjali Sengar said...

After reading your post heading I thought it must be about Pandav from history.. But I was wrong ;) Love the twist..


Good Noon, Anjali. Welcome to ' Spirit Of Mumbai '. Thanks for the compliment.

Unknown said...

Well-written Sujata! All the best for the marathon!


Hey Leena , Thanks and All the best to you. A very happy and prosperous new year to you.

Kala Ravi said...

Hey Sujata, that was so unexpected! I could visualize the five girls and their conversation. All the best for the marathon blogging :)


Kala, Even I think of those School-memories as unbelievable but yes... we did all that, once upon a time. Thanks for your wishes ans same to you.

Pravin said...

Well written post. I too keep waiting for Wednesday since my Aai also suggests its good to have it on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. :-)


Hi Pravin, Aaplya Aai mhanje kay mhantil ti Poorv disha . No arguments only... Haa Baba

Unknown said...

Loved the twist!


Hi Sagarika. I am so glad that u could take time out from your busy schedule ( ENGINEERING studies ) to read this.


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