Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance

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Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance - Tempting Pink nail polish

I have been fascinated with Nail-polish, since early childhood. It was the only cosmetic, we the children, were allowed to use. I know, all my dear friends are acknowledging the fact. It's the same story in almost all Indian families. We Indians are so much proud of our natural Beauty, which is synonymous with Health. If we are in Pink of Health, it reflects in our Pink lips and Pink nails. Then why Pink nail-polish?.

As we grow up, our once Pink, shiny and strong nails start deteriorating due to the frequent washes. We really overuse harsh detergents, soaps, face-wash etc. Now, we actually need the cosmetics to add color and shine to our brittle nails. That's when 'Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance Tempting Pink ' comes in picture and how! Look above ...

The very first thing, I love about Oriflame cosmetics is the Box-pack. First impression counts in Gold. Here Oriflame scores 100% with Glossy gold outside, Royal Magenta inside and tempting text on the nail-polish box-surface.

Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance claims, Nail perfection in sumptuous shades. This long-lasting high-shine nail polish is enriched with Fortifying Complex to strengthen and protect nails against signs of ageing. It's non-streaking and  chip-resistant ( Formula : List of ingredients )

Practical Application: The single coat of 'Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance Tempting Pink was not enough, we needed 3 coats to get the right-good shade. The applicator brush is thick and soft bristled brush. It's perfectly usable for even application. It stays chip free for 4 days. It can be used as a base for quality nail art.

The shade is named Tempting Pink and it did look tempting in the lovely bottle. And while applying it turned out to be shocking Pink. Instantly I gifted it to my niece Aditi, who accepted it happily and modeled for it lovingly too.

Aditi's compliment : " I like the shade as it matches with lots of my Pink , Peach , Maroon and Blue ( which is absolutely reflected here ) dresses and the feel is light not at all heavy-coated . It remained intact for seven days on my nails with bit chipping at the end due to wear and tear. The best part is all my friends loved it and asked for the shade. One of them, actually tried it on her nails. Next time I wish my maasi gifts me some cool funky shades of 'Giordani Gold Lacque Brilliance Tempting Pink ' like Blue / Silver / Green". 

Price : Rs. 449/-
Quantity : 11 ml

 Oriflame website 


Unknown said...

Loveeeed the colour!


Hi Maniparna, Yes the color is attractive. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Deepa Gopal said...

Wow!!! Me too...loved it!


Yessss Deepa , the Tempting Pink shade is worth applying and flaunting on your lovely nails.

Ananya said...

Great Post, nice nails
Happy 2016 !

Celebrity Designer



Hi Ananya , Happy New Year. Thanks for the compliment.

Kalpana said...

Gorgeous colour.


Kaplana, Yes. truly Gorgeous, looks fab. Welcome to 'Spirit Of Mumbai' and Happy New Year.

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