Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey hain toh health hain

'Money hain toh Honey hain' proclaims a hilarious Hindi movie. I would like to go one step ahead to state the reality ... 'Money hain toh Honey hain and most importantly HONEY hain toh HEALTH hain

How?. Let's do some Reality check about HONEY :

All over the world in general and particularly in India, Honey has always been a very popular gourmet delicacy as well as an important medical remedy for thousand years. Globally, our ancestors were well aware of the many health benefits of honey. It's earliest known use as a medicinal prescription is found in ancient clay tablets. In India, honey is an important part of Ayurveda. Egyptians used Honey to cure skin, eye diseases, and as a natural bandage applied on wounds. 

HONEY is more popular due to it's Ready-to-Eat form. Even the lazy people like me, who love to eat sweet and hate to cook can use Honey in our diet liberally, that too without worrying about weight-gain. Honey can be eaten directly, can be smeared on bread, toast, chapati, pancakes, can be added to various juices, cakes, mithai, chocolates, cookies as a substitute of sugar. 

My favorite medicine for cough / cold is Honey + Sitopaladi choorna, prescribed by Dr. Sandhya Kadam ( M.D.- Ayurveda ). Honey contains 69% glucose and fructose, so it's commonly used as a sweetener, which is better for our overall health than normal white sugar. 

Lots of people, eager to lose weight, drink warm water mixed with Honey, early morning instead of tea. The fact is Honey has more calories than sugar but when Honey is consumed with warm water, it helps in digesting the fat stored in our body. Honey and lemon juice as well as Honey and cinnamon help in reducing weight. 

Honey as an ingredient in medicine is savored by children as well as adults due to it's sweet, creamy, yummy taste and liquid golden looks.

On personal level, for thin people with delicate digestive systems like me, the carbohydrates in Honey can be easily converted into glucose by the most sensitive stomachs since it's pure and natural. Honey contains 64 calories per tablespoon so can be used as an instant source of energy. 

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Enough of lecturing and it's time to acquaint our selves with the real life benefits of Honey Diet , which can be accessed from

A spoonful intake of pure Honey has lots of advantages : such as 

1. Weight Management A Spoon of honey taken with warm water in the morning is useful in weight management.

2. Sugar substitute : Honey is a healthier substitute to sugar as it contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are good for health.

3. Beautiful Skin: Honey is useful for the skin because of its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

4. Source of energy: Honey is a good source of energy as it’s natural sugar and carbohydrates are easily digested by the body.

5. Aids Digestion: Honey in our diet aids in digestion.

6. Cough and cold: Honey relieves the cough and throat irritation. 

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( The image / photo of Dabur Honey jar with Plums is clicked by myself , specifically for this post )


addaa said...

Nicely written. Is there a variation of the morning drink. I used to have it mixed with lemon and warm water.

The photograph is a good click, the jar of honey decorated with red plums.


Hi amsang. So long. Honey with Lemon and water, must have tasted and smelt lovely.
Of course, only an ace photographer would encourage the amateur like me. THANKS.