Sunday, March 15, 2015


"Oops, I have forgotten the keys , we have to return Home and collect it" - Sandhya, my cousin-friend declared with alarming hurry. We were already late due to the office-rush hour and to top that lateness, we had to return home.

Our mobiles were constantly buzzing with friends, threatening to call 100 , 101 , 102 ,... if we didn't reach the venue within a second. As if we possessed couple of time-machines. Now that's typical of school-friends. They take you for granted. They think of you as Omnipotent and Useless in the same instance. 

We pacified them with the coolest promise of Magnum Chocolate Infinity Ice-candies, if they didn't kill us on arrival. They bargained for 2 candies each, we cursed Foreign Direct Investment in retail but our taste-buds were already in raptures. 

At last, we reached the venue for the get-#together / reunion of school-friends, exactly an hour after the scheduled time. We were fashionably late but still received the warmest welcome with open arms I mean mouths. So... our Get-together started on Sweetest-coolest note of dessert first ...  

The cool candies warmed up the spirit of our group. We had so much to catch up from school-sendoff ,college to jobs that everybody was talking, listening, laughing, munching on snacks simultaneously.  

As the day progressed from morning to noon, we still had so much to share with each other, that we kept on postponing the lunch, which was planned at a fashionable restaurant. We decided to order the lunch at home, rather than going there all dressed up and missing on the fun-moments of a boisterous company. What an awesome decision!. We enjoyed the delicious food while chatting, laughing, singing ( parodying) and praising each other's healthy appetite. 

One of our friend had recently lost her child to cancer, so she was reluctant to join our get-#together. We cajoled her to join us just for a few minutes and surprisingly, she got so enchanted with the warm camaraderie that she stayed for a night-over. None of us showered her with gaudy sympathy, instead we chatted in general about her college-days and her latest promotion to the managerial post. 

We were pulling each others legs about extra-weight and extra-curricular activities such as Dream-jogging, mall-hopping and window-shopping. We exchanged tips about saving money, investing, cooking and last but not the least BEAUTY / FASHION as if we were the page-3 celebrities. To top this, we shoot a catwalk of one of our most beautiful friend and threatened to upload it on the Facebook page of our school. She bribed us with black-forest pastries, for not going ahead with our atrocious plan. I wish I could upload that catwalk video here ... but I have to remain loyal to that creamy-soft pastry which tasted heavenly at that moment of togetherness. 

Our friend who had become a pessimist, was undergoing a psychiatrist's treatment to recover from her child's death, joined in our pranks and enjoyed this school reunion to the fullest. Picnic is a tonic and being #together with friends is an elixir of life, which rejuvenates, motivates, inspires, strengthens us for ever and ever. The richness of friendship is infinite, it can not be measured in rupees. On that most memorable day of school reunion ,our friend's journey from pessimism to optimism inspired all of us to remain #together and #lookup in the time of happiness as well as in the crisis.


Ajay Pai said...

HI Sujata, the school and college days are the precious of all. You tend to forget all the sadness and loneliness once you are with those good old friends.

Thanks for bringing those memories back again. Good write-up.


Yes Ajay , You are bang on, my school day are most precious because of my 4 friends Sandhya , Vibha , Rekha and Vanita. Welcome and Thanks for the compliment

pragati said...

Hi...So I can leave a comment here! :)


Pragati , Thanks and Welcome. I hope you did not face any issues while posting a comment.